AEPS-100 Automatic End Profile Systems is used to test end sizes. Excellent performance, 
adopt optical testing technology, accurately measures end sizes.

Inaccurate end sizes lead to bad quality double seams, such ascut seam, head cover, fake seam.
It is hard to measure all end profile datas without AEPS-100.

Old destructive testing ways take long time, inaccurate, and different handlers get different results.
AEPS-100 adopt optical testing technology, accurately measures all the end sizes.

To measure:
1) External diameter 
2) Internal diameter
3) Pressure head matching diameter
4) Curl width (non-destructive)
5) Curl height 
6) Curl radii
7) Countersink 
8) End flange 
9) Total height 
10) Angle

1) Clear curl data 
2) High speed 
3) High efficiency
4) Non-contact, non-destructive testing way
5) Non-destructive curl width
6) Measure data that old testing way can’t, such as curl width and curl radii
7) With test report

Technical data:
Resolution: 0.01mm or better
Dia. range: 48mm-250mm
Max countersink: 4.5mm