List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.27

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Sick Vietnam Code: 1041436
 Description : WL12-3P2431
 Small photoelectric sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330500-02-00
 Velomitor Piezo-velocity Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-91-00
 Proximity Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-50-00
 Proximity Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330780-50-00
 Proximitor Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-51-00
 Proximitor Sensor
EGE Elektronik Vietnam ID No: P11115
 Type: SN 450-A4-GR
 Flow controller compact model series 400
 G1/2 stainless steel A4 24V DC
ELAP Vietnam Code: B0120
 Description: Indicatore VD30Vcc 115/230Vca
 Ingressi scalati 5/25/250Vcc
Miki PulleyVietnam Model: CF-X-016-0B
 Inclusive :
 1pc of rubber element
 6pcs of bolts
Allen Bradley
Model : 20G11NC060AA0NNNNN
 AC Drives
Model : ZA-5A1
 Powder Clutch
Model : ZA-1.2Y1
 Powder Brake
Model : RTNC3/10t
Model : FVM58N-011K2R3GN-1213
 Multiturn absolute encoder
 Note : recheck stock khi order
Model : 1350-20-C12
Model : MG-07-510-HN-C12
Model : Bi5-G18-Y1
 Inductive sensor
 Note : recheck stock khi order
Model : MS24-112-R
 Rotational speed monitor
 Note : recheck stock khi order
ELTRA Transformatorenbau Vietnam Type: STS 1,0
 Item no. 1000011016022402300
 Control transformers
 KVA: 1,0
 ED%: 100
 Uprim: 230V-400V+- 15V
 USek 1 230V
 Schaltung Ii0
 Hz: 50/60 IP: 00
 Iprim: 4,7 - 2,7A
 Isek 1: 4,3A
 Iso.-Kl. T40E
 VDE: 0570
Tokyo Keiki Vietnam Model: SP0001519
 Ruột bơm VA9932A C-KIT-SQP*1-*-14-18
MOXA Vietnam Model: ioLogik E1214
 Remote Ethernet I/O, 6DI/6Relay, 2-port Switch
Dixon Valve Vietnam Order code : AM2
 1/2"iron air king male NPT 1-clip
Dixon Valve Vietnam Order code : AM3
 1/2" iron air king female NPT 1-clip
Dataxel Vietnam Model: DAT1010
 RTD Temperature Transmitter
Dataxel Vietnam Model: DAT1015
 RTD Temperature Transmitter
 Pushbutton Latching Call Point, IP66 & IP67, Material: Stainless Steel,
 Certification: ATEX approved, Ex II 2 GD, Ex d IIC T5/T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C Db, SIL2
 approved, Cable Entries: 1 x M20 Bottom, Duty Label: Other (Please specify details with
 order), Tag Label: Yes (Please specify details with order), Features: None, Finish: Red.
 Note: All MEDC SM87 Stainless Steel Pushbutton Call Point will have 1 x M20 top cable entry fitted with nickel plated certified plug as factory standard.
Westermo Vietnam Code: SDW-550
 Industrial Ethernet 5-port Switch
E2S Vietnam Model: STExCP8PTDPLAS3A1RNExxxRSxxxR
 Reset/Momentary Call Point
 Switch type: DPCO/DPDT
 PCBA: 6 x 4mm with EOL & Series terminations
 Push button lift flap
 Entries: 3 x M20
 Stopping plugs: Stainless Steel
 Duty label St/St + Equip. tag
 Product Option: Standard
 Enclosure colour: Red
 Default = N - not currently used
 Resistor value e.g. E470R = 470 Ohm
 Resistor value in Ohms e.g. S1K5R = 1.5K Ohm
E2S Vietnam Model: SP65-0001-A4
 Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2" St/St A4 (316)
Leuze Vietnam Code: IHRT 46B/4.01,200-S12 S-Ex n
 Scanner with background suppression, range limit 0 ... 2.5 m, Infrared, 10-30VDC, Transistor, PNP Light switching + Warning output, 200mm Cable with M12 4pin connector, Multiturn potentiometer, -30 ... 60 °C, IP 67, Ex-protected
Fine Suntronix Vietnam Code: ESF150-24
 Power Supply
Fine Suntronix Vietnam Code: SN-E6H-CM
 Noise Filter
Balluff Vietnam BIS0179
 BIS M-4008-048-001-ST4
 HF read/write heads (13.56 MHz)
Veris Vietnam Model: BGR-8220BR0005-1211
 Flow Sensor
 Meter, Std lmp, Insert, 3''+pipe, Brass, Freq
 Note: U001-0001 has been replaced with P/N BGR-8220BR0005-1211
Veris Vietnam Model: BGR-8310-00
 Flow Transmitter
 Trans, Freq in, 4-20mA out, no enclosure
 Note: U001-0013 has been replaced with P/N BGR-8310-00
Jenco Việt Nam Code: 6308PT
 pH electrode
Model: SY5220-4LZD-C6
Model: HLCB1D1-4.4T
Balluff Vietnam BNS026R
 BNS 819-B02-D12-61-12-10
Balluff Vietnam BNI005L
 BNI IOL-302-000-K006
 Industrial Networking
Balluff Vietnam BNI0082
 BNI IOL-802-102-Z036
 Human Machine Interfaces
Balluff Vietnam BES0068
 Inductive Sensors
Temposonics/ MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: EP00250MD341V03
 Temposonics® E-Series
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
Temposonics/ MTS Sensor Vietnam Code:  251416-2
 Assy, Mag Sro-12 Monolithic
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
Temposonics/ MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: 370685
 Cable assy mold 5 pin
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
Temposonics/ MTS Sensor Vietnam Code:  403508
 Mounting clamp
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
Koganei Vietnam Model: JA10A5-PS DC24V
Model: K16-271R/D4
 Push button
 Note : D4= 24VDC
Model: K16-271B/D4
 Push button
 Note : D4= 24VDC
Model: K16-271G/D4
 Push button
 Note : D4= 24VDC
Model: K16-271Y/D4
 Push button
 Note : D4= 24VDC
Model: K16-871R/D4
 Emergency stop button
 Note : D4= 24VDC
Model : 5301HA1S1V5AM00380BANAM1C1Q4S3
 Level Transmitter
 Made in China
 (5301HA1S1V5AM00380BANA M1C1Q4S3)
 (S/N: 2554422MFG: 2012-05-03)
Allen Bradley
Model: 1756-L83E
 Note : recheck stock khi order
Codel Vietnam Order Code: 802.155
 Model: VCEM Plug-in Micro PCB
 Spare part
Codel Vietnam Order Code: 801.174
 Model: Sensor Head PCB with Detector
 Spare part
Codel Vietnam Order Code: 900.808
 Model: Germanium Lens & O-ring
 Spare part
Codel Vietnam Order Code: 990.357
 Model: VCEM Large Air Purge
 Spare part
Codel Vietnam Order Code: 802.564
 Model: Plug-in Comms. PCB (RS485)
 Spare part
Codel Vietnam rder Code: 802.894
 Model: DCEM Plug-in Interface PCB (TUV)
 Spare part
Cofimco Vietnam Spare Rotary Union POS 2 for Cofimco drawing COF 8005
 Notes: the original Cofimco fan model and reference must be specified once PO confirm.
IFM Vietnam Code: IB0016
 Description : Inductive sensor
Kübler/ Kuebler Vietnam Code: D8.1106.0000.0000
 Description: Encoder
Bifold Vietnam Type: FP01/S1/M/32/NC/V/77A-24D/30/[M221]
 1/4" - MV - Bifold - FP01
 Material: SS316L
 Flow rate: 1 lpm
 Operating temperature range: -20°C to +40°C (@T6)
 FP01 series (direct acting)
 S1 max. 345bar working pressure (spring return)
 M Subbase Mount (flange connection)
 32 3-way, 2-position
 NC Normally closed
 V Viton O-rings (-20°C to +180°C)
 77A Protection class: ATEC/IECEx, Ex d IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db T4/T5/T6
 24D Power supply 24V DC
 30 Power consumption 3.0 Watt
 [M221] 1/4" Manifold
 NOTE: your required FPO1/S1/M/32/NC/V/77A9-24D/30/(M221)
 Our offer is identical to your required. The number 9 refers to the temperature class.
 These can be found in the offer under the application temperature range (9= T6).
 here is the new coding listed.
Bifold Vietnam Type: FP06P-S1-04-32-NU-V-77A-24D-57-K85
 1/4" NPT - MV - Bifold - FP06P-S1-04
Showa Giken Vietnam Model: NC 32A-10A LH
 Rotary Joint
Showa Giken Vietnam Model: NC 32A-10A RH
 Rotary Joint
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1350E
Anritsu Vietnam Model: A-231E-01-1-TC1-ANP
Model : BI15-CP40-FZ3X2/S100
 Inductive Sensor
Norgren Vietnam 2636247000000000
 Pneumatic valve, 5/2-Bist G1/4
Norgren Vietnam 0000000421123050
 230V AC Coil
Deublin Art number: 1690-000-170
 Union, 1" BSP 1/8" BSP FEM
Deublin Art number: 1790-001-113 (017640/D0411)
 Union, 1-1/4" NPT RH Rotor
Mark-10 Vietnam Model: M4-20E
 FORCE GAUGE, 100 N, 220V EU
OnoSokki Vietnam Model: GS-1813A
 Linear Gauge Sensors
Dwyer Vietnam Code: RMB-52D-SSV
 Service Compatible gases and liquids
 Wetted Materials Body: Polycarbonate
 O-ring: Neoprene and Buna-N
 Metal parts: stainless steel (except for optional brass valve)
 Float: stainless steel, black glass, aluminum, K monel, tungsten carbide depending on range
 Accuracy: 3%
 Process Connection : 1/4"
 Dải đo: 0-24 Lit/min
 Núm điều chỉnh bằng kim loại
WERMA Vietnam Model: 140.150.50
 Multi-t.sounder WM 32 tne 9-28VDC RD
Apex dynamic Vietnam Code: C02L33A050
 Helical gear
Lammers Vietnam Item: 5202007501002
 7,5 kW, 2950 1/min, 400/690 VDY, 50 Hz, IE3
 1TZ9003-1CA13-4AB4-Z, 132S, IP55, B3
 8,6 kW, 3550 1/min, 460 VD, 60 Hz, IE3
 7,5 kW, 3560 1/min, 460 VD, 60 Hz, IE3
 - IE3 premium efficiency
 3 PTC thermistors, for tripping, AH 132