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Vem Vietnam Type VEM : IE3-W41R 100 LZ 4
 modific.3: H Th.Kl.155 TPM140
 el.mod. : 400/690 V D/Y 50 Hz
 mounting : IP55 IM B5 FF215
 drawing :
 power : 3.0 kW S1
 syn.speed: 1500 min¯¹
 painting : FS01: KK C 2 RAL 7031: blue-grey seidenmatt
 nameplate: name plate VEM ALU
MDEXX VIETNAM type: 2DC2312-1RA91-7KJ5 axial fan for cooling
 Low pressure axial fan size 315, device design consisting of impeller & motor with 3 phase motor, IP55, 2-pole
 - fan in device design, without housing, mounting and protection grids
 - protection against contact must be provided by the end user
 special voltage: 125/220V, 60 Hz
Ohkura Vietnam P/N: CI1035V2
 Type: Valve type conductivity cell(Sensor)
 Range: 0~2000uS/cm
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/42-09-00 Proximity Sensor
 Proximitor Seismic Monitor
Wise Vietnam Code: T5014N1EI3134S1+A5000BXBX0FEA(1)AA300 (U175,T45,L200)
 Dụng cụ đo nhiệt độ T501-100N 0-400 L200
 Loại T501. Vật liệu: vỏ inox 304SS, que dò inox 316SS
 Đường kính mặt: 100mm. Chân ren 1/2"NPT+ MT. Chân sau lêch tâm có vành
 Dãy nhiệt: 0~400°C
 Độ chính xác: + 2%
 Chiều dài que dò 200mm..Phi que 10.0mm. Dây dài 05 mét.
 Không có dầu glycerin bên trong
 +Thermowell A5000*304SS*1/2NPT(F)(M)*U175*T45*L200 (10.0mm, 1/2MT+NPT, 316SS stem, High alarm)
FCI Vietnam Model: FLT93S-3B1A101E4B00000
 Flow Switch
Ados Vietnam Model: SPT3178
 Pin load cells
Sick Vietnam Code: 1056428
 Description: S30B-3011CA
 Safety laser scanners
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330103-00-09-10-11-00
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 190501-01-00-CN
 Velocity Transducer
Roscid Technologies Vietnam Code: RO-S02PMR
 Oxygen sensor
 A 15" * 15" panel mounted with an O2 transmitter with multi PPM range adjustable ranges with micro fuel cell and Hart Protocol. The system also includes flow meter, two on/off valves, needling valve, and assorted hardware. 4 end-user selectable ppm ranges (0-10, 0-100,0-1000,0-10000). 1m power cable, 24Vdc, 4-20mA loop powered
Keller MSR Vietnam 1083339
 PK 21 AF 1
 Infrared thermometer
Bifold/ Rotork Vietnam Replacement by Model: EHPC210M-AAAHVR0-D0M000B2403-J21L1B1R6T
 Modulating Controller
 NOTE: The EHPC210M replaces the EX200 but is only available in 24VDC. Please recheck before order
Bifold/ Rotork Vietnam Model: BPS-A-A1M0-J20L3B0R
 Power Supply
 NOTE: BPS power supply unit can switch the 250VAC to 24VDC. Please recheck before order
Model: 8732EMT1A1N5M4
 Liquid Flow Transmitter
 Made in China
 Note : conf range khi order
PCB Piezotronics Vietnam Code: 356A32
 Triaxial, mini (5 gm) high sensitivity, ICP® accel., 100 mV/g, 1 Hz to 4k Hz, titanium hsg, 10 ft mating cable supplied
Vem Vietnam Type K21R 132 S 4 T FAN
 Three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotor; standard motors
 Design Output: 5.5kW
 Version analogue motor serial no.
 but without CE mark
TDK-LAMBDA Vietnam Model: GEN40-19-D
 Programmable DC Power Supplies
Acnodes VIETNAM RM6380
 Rackmount monitor with a 20.1 inch 1600
 x 1200 military-grade LCD display and
 VGA + DVI video input in a 9U high
 rackmount enclosure with MIL-STD 810G
 environmental and MIL-STD-461E EMC
 testing standards. The LCD comes with an
 ITO EMI filter glass to protect the display.
 20.1" 1600 by 1200 LCD screen ITO glass
 300-nit brightness LCD panel VGA + DVI
 AC power input with D38999 MIL-type connector
 Light Sensor: N/A
 Optical Bonding: N/A
 Wide Range Working Temperature: N/A
Metrix Vietnam 450DR-2222-0100 Vibration Sensor
 Electronic Switch
 Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
 Analog Signal Output - 4-20 mA, absolute
 Scale - 3 to 40 mm/sec
 Shutdown and Alarm Circuit - 170 mA, 250 V, SPST
 Enclosure - Standard, CSA, Class I, Div 2, Grps B-D* (440)
 Input Power - 230 VAC 50/60
 Lockout Function - None
 Transducer - Internal transducer