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Schischek Vietnam

Code: InMax-5.10-SF
Description: Electric rotary actuator / Elektrischer Drehantrieb
with emergency function and robust die-cast aluminum housing
Size S with spring return
Electric rotary actuator with emergency function and robust die-cast aluminum housing. Rated voltage: 24-240VAC/DC
Control: open/close, 3-pts
Torque: 5 to 15Nm, depending on model
Running time: 3/15/30/60/120s, adjustable
Spring return: 3/10s, adjustable
Ambient temp .: -40...+50°C
Angle of rotation: 95° incl. 5° preload
Protection class: IP 66
Axle mount: 12x12mm square
More functions:
Integrated, regulated heating
Constant, load-independent runtime position indicator
Connection cable 1m, not interchangeable

100% EU

Schischek Vietnam

Code: InMax-15-SF
Description: Rotary actuator

100% India Origin

Schrader Duncan Vietnam

Model: A830MD
½” 5/2 double poppet valve 230AC G-25 coil

100% Japan Origin

Showa Giken Vietnam

Model: RXS 7838.100A
Rotary Joint (D/W.2A20953)

100% Germany Origin

Thielmann Vietnam

Model: 14DP9-12LH00E02
Differential pressure gauge
Type: DP912LH00E02
Measuring range: 0 - 1,6 bar
Precision: 3% (of scale value)
Max. stat. pressure: < 200 bar (single- or both-side)
 Operating temperature: -30 bis +80°C
 Flow-direction: LEFT -> RIGHT
Connection: 1/4 NPT (i)
Connection direction: from BELOW
Union: EO-GE12-PL/1/4 NPT A3Creedcontact: with Reedcontact
Integated finefilter: WITHOUT
Max. indicator: YES
with protection casing: NO
with emblem: GTS

100% Japan Origin

Towa Seiden Vietnam

Model: PRL-101  Length 300mm
Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch Sensor
Power supply: AC 220/240V
 Flange: JIS5k80A Aluminum
Paddle size: Standard W-1(80x80mm, SUS304)
Note: Length 300mm là thông số đặc biệt, sale confirm trước khi lên PO

100% Netherland Origin

TYCO Vietnam

Code: 516.600.007
Description: 601F-M IR Flame detector, Non-IS, Solar blind
Note : Recheck stock before order

100% Italy Origin

Valbia Vietnam

Order code : 8E03600414
Description : 600105 size DN80 +VB060 100/240V
Valve with actuator