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100% Switzeland Origin

Asco Co2 Vietnam

O/Part number: 4046602 (912710)
ASCO CO2 Storage PU Tank 10 vertical
Maximum filling weight: approx. 9'800 kg (21'605 lb)
Diameter: 2.1 m
 Height: 6.0 m
 Inner container: carbon steel

100% Switzeland Origin

Asco Co2 Vietnam

O/Part number: 4046612 (912721)
Refrigeration unit
 Note : For PU tanks it is normally recommended to use fridge units. Thanks to the optional cooling unit, a stable tank pressure can be achieved at high changing ambient temperatures.

100% Switzeland Origin

Asco Co2 Vietnam

O/Part number: 4046616 (912725)
 Differential pressure indicator Media 7 for liquid level indication

100% Hungary Origin

Balluff Vietnam

BNI IOL-102-S01-K019
IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs

100% Germany Origin

CS-Instrument Vietnam

P/N: 05600511  0001
PI500 portable measuring instrument
with integrated data logger
with power supply (0554 0009)
NOTE: PI 500 is a pure data logging and display instrument. In order to carry out a measurement you have to connect a sensor
to PI 500.

100% Germany Origin

EGE Elektronik Vietnam

ID No: P10523
Flow controller
 Type: SC-440/1-A4-GSP
Note: Recheck delivery time before order

100% EU Origin

EMEC Vietnam

Code: 10818871
Description: ECDINDPT/HT

100% US/ UK Origin

Gems Sensor Vietnam

Model: 3500B02B5G01E000 (2022)
Gems Sensors 3500 Series
Pressure Transmier
0-2.5 BarG ; 4-20mA; G1/4"; M12 connector

100% Canada Origin


Dewpoint Transmier, Duct, Polycarbonate with hinged and gasketed cover, Current 4-20 mA