Thiết bị sẵn giá, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam T12

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Balluff Vietnam BES00JY
 BES 516-3008-G-E4-C-PU-05
 Inductive Sensors
Baumer Vietnam Code: 11032555
 Description: GXMMW.A205P32
 Absolute Encoder
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 190501-01-00-CN
 Velocity Transducer
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330103-00-09-10-11-00
 Proximity Probes
Bifold Vietnam Repair Kit
 Fabrikat: Bifold Fluidpower
 für Type: SVP8108/04/S/RK
 Repair kit SVP8108
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam E2MH-F2-L-0-0
 Endurance® Series Infrared High Temperature Ratio Pyrometers, 450 to 2250 °C, Laser
 Focus Distance: 600mm - ∞ (24” - ∞) Manual Variable Focus
 Sighting: Laser through the lens and Visible through the lens
 Communictions: Ethernet network communications interface with installed M12 fieldbus connector and built-in HTTP-Server server (Gives you ASCII, Ethernet, video, webserver)
Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: J-200-30
 Thickness Gauge
Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: J-400-30
 Thickness Gauge
Higen Vietnam Model: KMI-15HQ1
 Three phase induction motor
 11kW, 15 HP, 50 Hz, 4 Pole
Masibus Vietnam Code:  VMS4SE-VI-N-N-RL-4A-U1-1X-N
 Description: 4 channel Vibration Monitor
 Model VMS4SE
 Input: Accelerometer i/p
 Vibration range: 0-10mm/sec, RMS,
 RS485 output
 Relay o/p
 Retransmission 4-20mA o/p per channel
 Power supply: 230VAC
Motrona Vietnam MC700
 Motion Controller
 Without CAN Bus (cancelled)
Motrona Vietnam LICFS701xx
 License for MC700
 SER :
 FIRM : FS701
 Application : Flying saw
 NOTE: With the device number, we were able to find out that a licence for the firmware FS701 was purchased here.
 To be on the safe side, however, you should check in the case of an order whether this firmware is actually to be used.
MOXA Vietnam Model: AWK-3252A-UN
 Advanced In-door 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Radio, 2x2:2SS, Dual GbE, PoE+, IP30, Universal model, -25 to 60°C
RAVEL Vietnam Model: 11109A
 Electric motor
 (5.5hp electric motor; 4kW, 50 (60) Hz
 Note: We changed the motor from 1076A to 11109A.
 11109A is the same motor as 1076A.
 The different thing is that 11109A can be used at 50Hz as well as 60Hz.
 Sales confirm thông số kĩ thuật trước khi đặt hàng
Tescom Vietnam VAP6VB9N9P9
Tescom Vietnam VAC6VB9N9P9
Tescom Vietnam VAP6VV9N9P9
TR Electronic Vietnam Code: CEH582M-10173
 Description: absolute encoder