List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh 2021

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Balluff Vietnam BHS003J
 BES 516-300-S295/1.025"-S4
 Inductive Sensors
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330500-02-CN
 Velocity Sensor
Code: 00002158
 Description: 2/2-way piston control Angle-Seat Valve
 Type: 2000
Code: 00001398
 Description: 2/2-way-piston-operated angle-seat valve
 Type 2000
 Control function A - closed by spring force
 Paths/positions 2 - 2 ways / 2 position
 Orifice size 65,0 - 65mm (2 1/2")
 Seal material EE - PTFE
 Body material RG - gunmetal
 Port connection GM90 - G2 1/2 threaded port
 Actuator version B - PA-actuator, MS-threaded
 bushing at connection of pilot air
 Actuator size F - Dm 80mm
 Special Feature:
 MC13 - flow above seat
 Pressure min 0 bar
 Pressure max 14 bar
 Pilot pres. min 1,60 bar
 Pilot pres. max 10 bar
 KV 77 m3/h
 T medium min -10 °C
 T medium max 180 °C
 T ambient min -10 °C
 T ambient max 60 °C
Code: 00169391
 Description: 2/2-way-piston-operated valve
 Type 2012
 Control function A - closed by spring force
 Paths/positions 2 - 2 ways / 2 position
 Orifice size 80,0 - 80mm (3")
 Seal material EE - PTFE
 Body material VA - stainless steel
 Port connection SA49 - Weld end 88,9 x 2,3
 according to ISO 4200, DIN EN ISO 1127, DIN 11866 series B
 Actuator version C - PA-actuator, VA-threaded bushing at connection of pilot air
 Actuator size H - Dm 125mm
 Interface N8 - nipple thread M100 x 2 (standard DN 80)
 connection of pilot air 0000 - standard pilot air connection resp. integral construction
 Special Feature:
 MC13 - flow above seat
 MC16 - O-ring between cover and actuator housing
 NK51 - packed seal enclosed
 Pressure min 0 bar
 Pressure max 10 bar
 Pilot pres. min 2 bar
 Pilot pres. max 7 bar
 KV 110 m3/h
 T medium min -10 °C
 T medium max 180 °C
 T ambient min -10 °C
 T ambient max 60 °C
Crowcon Vietnam XG5-A1-01-FD
 Xgard Type 5
 flameproof Flammable Gas Detector
 with 4-20mA Output"
 methane 0-100% LEL,
 aluminium junction box, M20,ATEX/IECEx
Crowcon Vietnam XG2-A1-01-AC
 Xgard Type 2 Flameproof Toxic and oxygen detector
 Hydrogen sulphide 0-100ppm H2S
 aluminium junction box, M20, ATEX/IECEx
Crowcon Vietnam 50065502
 OSNJ A2F-20a / M20
 Ex d cable gland for
 unshielded cables, metric
 Explosion protection: Ex d IIC/Ex e II
 Ex tD A21 IP66/IP67
 Certification: Nemko 03 ATEX 1460X
 IECEx KOS 09.0017X
 Protection class according to EN 60529: IP 67
 Material: Brass, nickel-plated M20x1.5
 for cables with outer diameter 10.1-13mm
 NOTE: If you has the old ones, you can still use them
Dwyer Vietnam Code: MSX-W10-PA
 Differential pressure transmitter, wall mount, universal current/voltage outputs, uni-directional, range 0 (60, 75, 100, 125" Pa)
 Temperature Sensor
E+E Vietnam Code: EE23-T4HS3K5D1/GA6SBL-20SBH120DT2
 Humidity/Temperature Sensor
Gefran Vietnam F053701
 IE0-A-7-M-B07C-1-4-0-P-E-C99 2130A000X00
Higen Vietnam Model: I01HK2GSNH
 Geared motor with reducer 1/25
 0.75 kW, 1 HP, 60Hz
KINETROL Vietnam SP942
Leuze Vietnam Code: HRTR 55/66,5000
 Diffuse sensor with background suppression, Operating range limit 0.005 ... 0.4 m, LED Red, 10-30VDC, 2 x Push-pull outputs, 5M cable, Multiturn potentiometer, -30... 70 °C, IP 67, IP 69K,
Leuze Vietnam Code: PRK25CL1/XX-M12
 Alignment aid, Laser, Red, Class 1, Light spot size [at sensor distance]3 mm x 5 mm [1,000 mm], 10-30VDC, M12 4pin connector, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/69K
 Note: Alternative to PRKL 25B-S12 - no longer avail
Leuze Vietnam Code: PRK46C.D/48-M12
 Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, Application Detection of stretch-wrapped objects, Operating range limit 0.1 ... 20 m, LED, red, 10-30VDC, PNP light switching, M12 4pin connector, -40 ... 60 °C, IP 67/IP 69K, Activation input
Code: 042-000-000 Yarn Meter
 Description: MLT Wesco compl. with accessories in case /
 MLT WESCO komplett mit Zubehör im Koffer
 incl. manual MLT WESCO yarn meter,
 international (no. 042-920-000)
 Operating instructions MLT WESCO thread meter, international
Mitsubishi Vietnam Model: FR-A840-00126-E2-60
 Biến tần
Mitsubishi Vietnam Model: FR-A840-00770-E2-60
 Biến tần
MOOG Vietnam G761-3033B
 Description: S63JOGA4VPL
MOXA Vietnam Model: MGate 5217I-1200-T
 2 port Modbus-to-BACnet/IP gateway, 1200 points, 2kV isolation, 12 to 48 VDC, 24 VAC, -40 to 75°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: MGate 5217I-600-T
 2 port Modbus-to-BACnet/IP gateway, 600 points, 2kV isolation, 12 to 48 VDC, 24 VAC, -40 to 75°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: TCF-142-S-SC
 RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter. SC Single-mode.
MOXA Vietnam Model: SDS-3008
 Compact industrial smart Ethernet switch system with 8-port of fast Ethernet interfaces, -10 to 60°C operating temperature, dual 12/24/48VDC power inputs
MOXA Vietnam Model: SDS-3016-2GSFP
 Smart Managed Ethernet switch with 14 10/100BaseT(X) ports, 2 100/1000BaseSFP ports, and -10 to 60°C operating temperature, dual power supply 12/24/48 VDC
M-system Vietnam Model: W2VS-A6A-R
M-system Vietnam Model: W2VS-AAA-R
M-system Vietnam Model: M5VS-AA-R
M-system Vietnam Model: MD7AST-24FF
M-system Vietnam Model: MAKF-240/AN
 Lightning Surge Protectors for Electronics Equipment M-RESTER
Neles/Metso Vietnam Code: ND9106HN/K05
 Positioner Details
 Positioner Type: Smart / Digital
 Positioner Enclosure: IP66
 Positioner Enclosure Material: Aluminium alloy
 Positioner Communication: HART
 Signal Range: 4-20 mA
 Positioner Ex Construction: No No
 Limit Switch Type: Mechanical
 Switch Model: (K05)OMRON D2VW-5
 Positioner Conduit Entry: M20x1.5
Norgren Vietnam PRA/802100/JM/EX/100
 Iso-Line Cylinder
 NOTE: Offered above is replacement for PRA/182/182100/JM/EX/100
Norgren Vietnam J50CT0E2WRN
 Regulator J50
Pees Vietnam Part no : AN405V02-10-2
 Description : Servo Amplifier
 Note : Recheck stock before order
PILZ Vietnam Code:  570501 Magnet Sensing
 Description: PSEN sl-0.5p 2.1 / PSEN sl-0.5 1unit
 Magnetic safety gate system
PILZ Vietnam Code:  750103
 Description: PNOZ s3 24VDC 2 n/o
 safety relay
PILZ Vietnam Code:  540321
 Description: PSEN cable axial M12 8-pole 10m
 Connection cable
PILZ Vietnam Code:  750104
 Description: PNOZ s4 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c
 safety relay
PILZ Vietnam Code: 751105
 Description: PNOZ s5 C 24VDC 2 n/o 2 n/o t
 safety relay
Segibiz Vietnam SG-TB-20PT (Clear Cover)
 Plastic Terminal Box
Sehwa Hightech Vietnam Model: SERO-2000N
 Readout Unit (Used for Kofloc mass flow controller)
 Input: 0-5VDC, 4-20mA
 Output: ±15VDC, 500mA
 Communication: RS232
Teledyne LeCroy
P/N: T3PS16081P
 Programmable Linear
 Bench Top Power Supplies
United Electric Vietnam Model: H100-192
 Pressure Switch Sensing