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100% US Origin

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: WT3-201M
Motorized wire crimp pull tester
200 lbF / 3200 ozF / 100 kgF / 1000 N / 1 kN

100% USA Origin

Roscid Technologies Vietnam

Code: RO-S02PMR
Oxygen sensor
A 15" * 15" panel mounted with an O2 transmitter with multi PPM range adjustable ranges with micro fuel cell and Hart Protocol. The system also includes flow meter, two on/off valves, needling valve, and assorted hardware. 4 end-user selectable ppm ranges (0-10, 0-100,0-1000,0-10000). 1m power cable, 24Vdc, 4-20mA loop powered

100% EU Origin

Auma Vietnam

Actuator acc. to Comm: 23046110
 Version SQ open-close duty
 Swivel range 75-105 Adjustment range 75-105 degrees
adjusted to 92 in degrees
Valve connection F10-N F10 ISO 5211 without centering
Coupling dimension S-18 S square SW=18mm DIN 475 with grub screw
Operating time 42 42 seconds for 90
Operating mode 1 S 2 - 15 min
Torque 200-600 setting range 200 - 600 Nm
adjusted CLOSE 450 Nm in direction of rotation CLOSE
set OPEN 450 Nm in direction OPEN
Temperature version N-30-70 -30°C - +70°C
Corrosion protection KS-P1.001 Powder coating primer, top coat
Color A0001 AUMA silver-grey
Protection class IP68 IP68 according to EN 60529
Handwheel 200 200mm, aluminum
Mains voltage 400/50/3 400V 50Hz 3-ph AC
Insulation class F F, tropicalized
Motor protection 00 thermoswitch 140°C NC
Motor SD00063-4-0,04 0,04 kW, 4-pole
Mech. position indicator 11
Torque switch 6 single switch Ag (1 NC/1 NO) per direction
Limit switch 8 single switch Ag (1 NC/1 NO) per direction
Heater 22.1 110V-250V AC/DC self-regulating PTC heater,5-20W
running indicator 24 flasher
Wiring diagram 00R1AA-101-000 TPA
electrical connection S0-105 M20;M25;M32 plug
Nameplate IT-AL Italian, aluminum
Operating instructions IT Italian
Test according to KV

100% Taiwan/China

Advantech Vietnam

P/N: ADAM-3600-C2G
Remote Terminal Unit
 *Base: 4-Slot IO Expansion, Cortex-A8 Wireless iRTU

100% UK Origin

Newson Gale Vietnam

Product Code: PLUSME A1A4
Earth-Rite® PLUS ATEX Static Grounding System
Earth-Rite PLUS ground monitoring Unit
 - Zone 1/21. ATEX and IECEx certification. SIL 2.
IECEx: Ex d [ia] IIC T6 Gb (Ga) Ex tb IIIC T80ºC IP66 DbTa = -40ºC to +55ºC.
 ATEX: II 2(1)GD Ex d[ia] IIC T6 Gb(Ga)
Ex tb IIIC T80ºC IP66 Db Ta = -40ºC to +55ºC.
- Copper free cast aluminium enclosure.
 - RED/pulsing GREEN indication LEDs.
- Intrinsically safe monitoring to ≤10 Ohm.
- 2 off voltage free changeover contacts. 250 V ac, 5 A, 500 VA max resistive
 30 V dc, 2 A, 60 W max resistive
 - Power requirement 110/120 or 220/240 V ac
 - Supplied with 1 pair of handles for opening and closing of the enclosure lid.
 - 2-pole large heavy-duty stainless-steel clamp c/w 15 m Hytrel sheathed spiral cable.
 - Junction box with quick connection and universal stowage pin.
- Clamp certification Zone 0/20, ATEX II 1 GD T6. FM Approved.
 Important note: It is the responsibility of the installer/purchaser to ensure the hazardous area certification above meets the requirements of the hazardous area classification at the point of installation and operation

100% China


New Model : CM-320D
Automatic Synchronization Controller
(CM320 ngừng sản xuất)

100% EU


Model : 6SL3120-2TE21-8AA3
Double Motor Module
Năm sản xuất : 2016
Note : recheck STOCK khi order

100% USA Origin


Model: FS26D-A10398-1
Horizontal Airflow Fan
1/3HP 3/50/400 950RPM S.S.
1.) Special Stainless Steel Nameplate riveted to terminal cover.
2.) Anti-Corrosion Grease applied to Motor Shaft.
3.) CON-A8323, 4-Wire Male Plug and 6' Cord on Fan.
4.) CON-A8320, 4-Wire Female Receptacle.