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Apex dynamic Vietnam Code: PEII-090-030 / Mitsubishi HG-KR73
 (PEII 090-030 / Mitsubishi HG-KR73)
 Note: Kiểm tra lại delivery time và giá trước khi đặt hàng
ASCO Vietnam SG110A050.24/DC
 Pilot box. 5 Ventilates. 24/DC. G1/8.
Bartec Vietnam 07-7331-23020000
 16 digital in
Bartec Vietnam 07-7331-23040000
 PROFIBUS Ex d e [ia Ga] IIC Gb
 8x Transmitter in
Checkline Vietnam Model: BTM-400PLUS
 Belt Tension Meter
 Measuring Range: 10 - 800 Hz
Chino Vietnam Model: MF1000
 Nhiệt kế kỹ thuật số cho thực phẩm
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: CMD5B1000
 Wall/Surface Mount Carbon Monoxide Detector, No Relay, No Communicaon
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: DSD240
 4 wire photoelectric duct mount smoke detector, 240 Vac
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: DST-3.0
 Metal sampling tube for duct widths between 610mm - 1200mm (24" - 48")
 Air D/P Switch, 20-300 Pa (0.08" to 1.20" w.c.)adj. range, 1/2"NPT connecon, UL/CE, c/w install kit
 Temperature Sensor, All Purpose Duct/Immersion, ABS enclosure with hinged and gasketed cover, 20,000 Ohm, NTC thermistor, +/-0.2 C, 200 mm (8'')
IFM Vietnam Code: VKV021 Vibration Sensing
 Description: Vibration monitor with intuitive switch point setting
Kübler/ Kuebler Vietnam Code: 8.5020.0064.1024.S223
 Description: Encoder
Messko Vietnam 663-BBBANF
 Product Digital display D1272 AT
 Article designation D1272AT
 Type D1272AT
 Input signal 4...20mA
 Sensor supply aprrox. 24VDC, unregulated, max. 0.6W
 Input range -20°C ... +140°C
 Display 7 segment LED red, 14,3mm numerical heigth
 Measuring indication °C, resolution 0.1°C
 Offset Adjustment using keys
 Output signal 4...20mA
 Switch point setting NA
 Electrical connection Screw terminals for cable lugs
 Supply voltage 100 240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 5 W
 Housing Front frame 96 x 48mm, 1/8 DIN size, depth 110mm
 Protection class IP20
 Ambient temperature 0...+55°C (operation) -40...+80°C (storage)
 Note w/o
MOXA Vietnam Model:  UPort 407
 7 Port industrial-grade USB Hub, w/ adapter
MOXA Vietnam Model:  OPT8-M9+
 8 Port Connection Box, DB9M, Matel Case
Code: NE-7000
 Slim Type Isolated Converter
 Input Multi (T/C, RTD, VOLT, mA)
 Output DC 4~20 mA
 Power : AC 85~265V(45~65Hz)
 Built-in sensor Power source: DC 24V 30mA
 Accuracy : ±0.2% FS
P+F Vietnam FVM58N-011K2R3BN-1213
Tokyo Keiki Vietnam Ruột bơm 40088790 C-KIT-F11-SQP2-2118-T
Tokyo Keiki Vietnam Ruột bơm 40088833 C-KIT-F11-SQP4-6018-T
Tokyo Keiki Vietnam Ruột bơm 40088827 C-KIT-F11-SQP*3*-*38-*-18-T
Tokyo Keiki Vietnam Ruột bơm 40088819 C-KIT-F11-SQP**2-*-*-21-18-T
West-cs/ PMA Vietnam Model: D280-110-0000E-000
 90…250 VAC
 No Option
 Standard configuraton
 English Manual
 Standard CE certified