List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.15.

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(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYCMLTV
 Item No.: 3408969
 Infrared Temperature Sensors
 VOLTAGE OUTPUT (Linear, scaleable from 0-5V)
 -20 to 500°C range, 1 m cable, 0,75 - 16UNF 2A threaded
Anybus/HMS Vietnam Model: AB7072-B
 Anybus Communicator EtherNet/IP or Modbus-TCP 2-port single packed
Code: Autec LK Neo10 +ACRM15
 Description: Configurable handheld transmitter with 10 push buttons and Stop, Battery charger, Cover with belt, 2pcs NiMh batteries, Instruction manual, CD ACRM15 receiving unit modular base station with 40-264 VAC power supply, 2 expansion slots for optional boards, up to 30 programmable relays, 4 inputs for Data Feedbacks
Conch Vietnam Code: QL-1805NA Sensor
 Proximity switch sensing
E+H Vietnam Code:  93WA1-AA4A00ACAAAB
 Description: Volume flow measurement
E+H Vietnam Code:  PMC11-AA1V1HBVWJA
 Description: Pressure transducer
Elco Holding Vietnam Code: EB50P8-L5PR-2048.5L6200
Evoqua Vietnam W2T15225
 # U-24860 #
Glamox Vietnam P/N.: MIL085927
 1445 Z 2200HF 840 M20X MB TW
 LED watertight multipurpose luminiare
IFM Vietnam Code:  PQ0834
 Description: Pressure sensor for pneumatics
IFM Vietnam Code:  SI5001
 Description: Flow monitor
IFM Vietnam Code:  I7R210
 Description: Inductive ring sensor
IFM Vietnam Code: PN2592
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
IFM Vietnam Code: EVC001
 Description: Connecting cable with socket
Kobold Vietnam Code: ACM-1S14000
 Description: Transmitter
Kobold Vietnam Code: ACS-Z3T1G
 Description: Conductive Conductivity Measuring Cells ACS-Z
Kobold Vietnam Code: APM-1S14400
 Description: Transmitter
Kobold Vietnam Code: APS-Z2N2
 Description: Electrode
Murr Vietnam 857781
Ogura Vietnam Code: SNB 0.8K-N
 Negative Actuated Type EM
 Brake for Braking
Phoenix Vietnam 2891933
 Industrial Ethernet Switch - FL SWITCH SFN 16TX
Rotronic Vietnam HF432- WB3XD1XX
 Transmitter/Humidity and temperature measuring instruments
Sauter Vietnam Type : DSF158F001
 Pressure monitor/ Pressure Transducer
TOKYO KEIKI Vietnam Ruột bơm VA12633A C-KIT-F11-SQP**2-**-14-18
Unitronics Vietnam Code: V120-22-T2C
 V120-22 OPLC,12/12IO,2AN,CAN
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
Watanabe Vietnam Model: TW-4M-1-N