List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.48

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Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 1900/65A-01-01-03-00-00
 General Purpose Equipment Monitor
Korea Hoist Vietnam Model: KAB-160-200
 Air Balancer
 Capacity: 150 kg
 Lift height: 2 m
E+H Vietnam Code:  FMU41-ARB2A4 SENSOR
 Description: Compact transmitters
Sick Vietnam Code: 1053074 SENSOR
 Description: OLM100-1201
 Linear measurement sensor
Flowline Vietnam Model: LU29-01 Ultrasonic Sensor
 EchoSonic II Ultrasonic 10m,2"PVDF,NPT,w/FOB,cFMus
RTK Vietnam Type: REpos
 RTK Digital valve positioner, type REpos with display
 input signal: 4..20 mA
 feedback signal: 4..20 mA
 effective direction: at 0 % input valve closed at 0 % input actuator spindle extended
 - potentiometer 1000 Ohm
 Spare parts for W.Nr 15122635/010
 Note: The positioner RE 3447 is already obsolete
 and has been replaced with the new version REpos.
 ZPBD 2-23,60-KIK-L-FCB/R/MAG(20-G)/V1
 Pump Unit
 consisting of Gear Dosing Pump, Intermediate Flange,
 Bottom Flange, Motor Hub, Bell Housing and Magnetic Coupling
 Pump Details
 Number of Stages : 1
 Theo. Volume : 23,60 cm3/rev
 Inlet Pressure max. : 0-20 bar
 Work Pressure max. : 40 bar
 Peak Pressure max. : 60 bar (Short operation)
 Speed max.* : 1450 min-1
 Suction Port : G1 1/4
 Pressure Port : G1
 Sense of Rotation : LEFT (ccw), in view of drive shaft
 Design : External Spur Gear, bare shaft
 Sealing Type : Canister of Magnetic Coupling DST75
 Version : With attached Pressure Valve
 Ambient Temperature : -30°C min./ +60°C max.
 *Indicated maximum speed is not valid for Viscosities
 above 800 mPa*s!
 Housing : Spheroidal Cast Iron 1
 Center Plate : Spheroidal Cast Iron 1
 Gears : Nitrided Steel
 Drive Shaft : Nitrided Steel
 Driven Shaft : Nitrided Steel
 Bearing Bushes : Ceramic
 Seals : FKM
 Pressure Relief Valve
 Type key : DBV-E-PI/2-12/0-120/VT/S for ZPB
 Operation : Direct
 Spring : Pressurespring
 Setting range : 0 - 120 bar
 Pressure adjustment at : (see Application Data)
 Return flow : Externally
 Seals : FKM
 Material : Steel
 to get ready for
 Motor Specifications
 Type : 3-phase A.C. Motor
 Size : 90L
 Construction : B5
 Magnetic Coupling : DST75/20-G
 Bell Housing : Standard, with Vent
 Bottom Flange : PTFS200
Rexroth Vietnam 4WRPEH6CB02L-2X/G24K0/F1M
 NOTE: Attention discontinued model. Plz recheck before order
Murideo Vietnam Model: MU-GEN-SIX-G 8K (replace for MU-GEN-SIX-G-GEN2 )
 an HDMI pattern generator
 • HDMI 2.1 Support
 • 8K@60 4:2:0 10-bit Maximum Resolution
 • Fixed Rate Link (FRL)
 • Color Space Selectable
 • Full Range RGB (0-255)
 • SMPTE RGB (16-235)
 • YC444, 422, 420 (16-235)
 • Auto Detect (read EDID – display preferred
 • High Bit Depth – 8, 10, 12, and 16 bit per
 pixel support
 • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support
 • Multiple HDR Memories
 • HDR 10, 10+
 • HLG
Allen Bradley
Model: 20G1ANC170JA0NNNNN
 AC Drives
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Model:  TBZ60-3.5
 Turbine Gas Meter
 *Built-in lithium battery type
 *Temperature and pressure compensation, 350kPa
 *Flow direction: Please let us know when you order
Vega Vietnam Code: PS67.XXBBEHKMAX
 Description: Radar sensor
Plarad/Nihon Plarad Vietnam DE1-Docu 36
 Electric nutrunner
 ・Torque range:750Nm - 3,600Nm / Sqare drive:25.4mm
 ・Torque step:99 step
 ・Voltage : 220-230V
 ・Speed: 5.2rpm
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: DPL-201S Anti-steam Length-350mm
 Rotary Paddle Type Level Sensor
 Power supply: DC24V
 Flange: JIS5K65A (Aluminum)
 Paddle size: W-1 (80x80mm, SUS304)
Messko Vietnam Model:D1272 AT663-BBBANF
 Digital display
Messko Vietnam Model:D1272 AT663-BBAANF
 Digital display
GE Panametrics Vietnam Model: XMTC-62-11-0-XMTC-CAL-3110
E+H Vietnam Code: FMR57-AAACCABDA6XCJ1+Z1 Level Radar Sensor
 Description: Level radar