List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.49

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(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYMI302LTSCB3
 Item No.: 3780656
 Infrared Temperature Sensor
 -40 to 600°C, 8 to 14 µm, D:S 2:1, 130 ms, 3 m cable
Model: 1756-A10
 Power Supply
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Model: 1756-PB72
 Power Supply
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Model: AT-2040
 Portable Vibration Calibrator
Model: Proximity Probe Kit P/N PRX-100 SENSOR
 Proximity Probe Kit consist of the followings:
 Proximity adapter, 6mm, 8mm,10mm, 1/4" & 3/8“
 Steel target (4140)
 Mounting leg sizes: 1 1/2", 2" & 3"
 Proximity probe mounting bar
 High quality large knobs
 Panel adapter
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1400E
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HS-30K
Anritsu Vietnam Model: AP-400E
Anritsu Vietnam Model: AP-400K
Anritsu Vietnam Model: A-233E-00-1-TC1-ASP
 Probe sensor
Anritsu Vietnam Model: A-233K-00-1-TC1-ASP
 Probe sensor
APLISENS Vietnam Model: PRE-28/0-10[bar]//PD/C//
AQ Matic Vietnam Van AQMatic model K521-X210-14000
 P/N: 1070155
AQ Matic Vietnam Van AQMatic model K521-X201-14000
 P/N: 1070158
AQ Matic Vietnam Van AQMatic model K524-X200-14000
 P/N: 1070168
ASCO Vietnam 8316P064.100-240.AC/DC
Auto Flow Vietnam Model: FTT-050-S-S-X 50A
 Turbine Type Flowmeter
 Fluid: Water
 Sensor Size: 50A
 Flowrate: 4 ~ 40 m3/h
 Material: SUS304 (Vane wheel-SUS430)
 Temp: Max 80 ℃
 Pressure : Max 10 kgf/cm2G
 Connection: JIS 10K RF Flange
 Length: 170mm (Confirm before order)
 Power: AC 220V
 Display : RATE / TOTAL / %BAR GRAPH
 Output: 4~20mA / PULSE / RS485
 Enclosure: Ex d Ⅱc T6
 Specifications are same as S/N: 237612
Balluff Vietnam BIS010P
 BIS V-6111-073-C003
 HF processor units (13.56 MHz)
Balluff Vietnam BES0058
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS01JY
 BOS 5K-NU-LH12-02
Banner Vietnam Code: SM30SRLMC1 W/30
Banner Vietnam Code: SMA30SELMC1 W/30
Barksdale Vietnam Code:  BPS34GVM0100B Pressure Sensor
 Description: 100b/420-2/G1/4E/F El. Druckschalter
 Pressure Sensor
Baumer Vietnam 11164059
 Description: OADM 20I5560/S14C
 Distance sensors
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL4032
 Description: EtherCAT Terminal, 2-channel analog output, voltage, ±10 V, 12 bit
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL2024
 Description: EtherCAT Terminal, 4-channel digital output, 24 V DC, 2 A
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EK1100
 Description: EtherCAT Coupler for E-bus terminals (ELxxxx)
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL9100
 Description:Passive potential feed terminal, 24 V DC
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL4034
 Description: EtherCAT Terminal, 4-channel analog output, voltage, ±10 V, 12 bit
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL1008
 Description: EtherCAT Terminal, 8-channel digital input, 24 V DC, 3 ms
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  EL2008
 Description: EtherCAT Terminal, 8-channel digital output, 24 V DC, 0.5 A
Chalmit Vietnam P/N: G8400-0018
 Luxtronic HF Ballast T8, 198V-264V Zone 2
 Note: G8400-0002 has been changed to G84000018, they are the same.
Chiyoda Seiki Vietnam Model: EH-1N
E2S Vietnam Model: GNEXS1FDC024BS1A1R
 GNExS1F 10-60Vdc Alarm Sounder
 Entries: 2 x 1/2""NPT
 Stopping plug/adaptor: Stainless Steel
 Bracket/Guard (A4) 316 St/St
 Product version: IECEx, ATEX, CUTR Ex EAC, INMETRO
 Product option: Standard
 Enclosure colour: Red
ELMEKO GmbH Vietnam Filter Fan
 Item no: 10 735 150 FAN
 LV 700, 230 V AC, P15/350S (G3)
 LV 700 230V RAL 7035
ELMEKO GmbH Vietnam Filter Fan
 Item no: 10 735 15Z FAN
 LV 700, 230 V AC, Z-Line (F5)
 LV 700 230V RAL 7035 IP 55
Model : B43586-S3468-Q3
 Capacitor 4600µF-385V
Euchner Vietnam Article: RIEGEL NZ/TZ-S1/CF
 Order no.: 079785
Euchner Vietnam Article: NZ1VZ-3131E-M Safety Sensor
 Order no.: 082122
 Safety switch
Eurotherm Vietnam Replaced Code: 3216I/AL/VH/DRXX/R/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XX/XX
 MODEL (3216I) 1/16 DIN Alarm Unit
 FUNCTION (AL) Standard Alarm Unit
 SUPPLY VOLTAGE (VH) 85 - 264 Vac
 OUTPUTS 1 2 AND 3 (DRXX) DC/Relay
 AA RELAY (R) Relay (form C)
Finetek Vietnam SEX10000-AAAAAA803B0100
 Rotary Paddle Level Sensor
 Model: Standard
 Construction: General type
 Power supply: AC110V
 Connection: JIS(Thread), 1", PF male
 Paddle model: 100*30(W&H)
 Length: 100mm
Finetek Vietnam Rotary paddle level sensor - model SEX10000-AAAAAA803B0100
 Replace model: SE110ADRA
 Standard type
 Connection: 1” PF
 Voltage: 110Vac
 A type paddle, SS304
 Standard length
 (Cảm biến mức)
Model: DVC6200-HC
 Digital Valve Controller
 Note : Double-acting with feedback
Fluke Vietnam Đồng vạn năng Fluke 87VE2KIT
 Individual foil Screened Pairs 3 x 2 x 22awg PP/LSF Grey
 MOQ = 1 Roll = 400 METRES
Gemu Vietnam Part no: 88076124
 807R65D782114 57514000
 Variable area flowmeter
 Type 807
 DN 65
 Body configuration D
 Connection type 78
 Metering tube material 21
New Model : 3-2726-LC-00 + 3-2751-3 + 3-9900-1P
 PH Sensor + Transmitter
 Note : recheck CODE khi order
Model : 3-2726-LC-00
 PN: 159001559
 pH Electrode
Model : 3-2725-60
 PN: 159001561
 PH Sensor
Model : 3-9900-1P
 P/N : 159001695
 Temperature Sensor, All Purpose Duct/Immersion, ABS enclosure with hinged and gasketed cover,
 10,000 Ohm, type 3, NTC thermistor, +/-0.2 C, 200 mm (8")
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: LPB04S Pressure Sensor
 Low Pressure Transducer, Polycarbonate with hinged and gasketed cover, +/-1000 Pa, +/-500 Pa, +/
 -250 Pa, 0-1000 Pa, 0-500 Pa, 0-250 Pa, Stac Probe
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: T2-1/2N8P Pressure Sensor
 Immersion Thermowell, 200mm (8") 304 SS well, 1 piece machined, 1/2" NPT
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: DPB07A15
 Differenal Pressure Transmier, Polycarbonate with hinged and gasketed cover, 1, 2, 5, and 10 Bar,
 Armoured Cable, 1.5 m (5')
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: TSRC7 Sensor
 Room Temperature Sensor, 10,000 Ohm, type 3, NTC Thermistor, +/-0.2 C
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: GLFS-1 flow Sensor
 Liquid flow switch, 1" NPT, IP65 (NEMA 4X), SPDT 15(8A) 24/250 Vac
 Air D/P Switch, 50-500 Pa (0.2" to 2.00" w.c.)adj. range, 1/2"NPT connecon, UL/CE, c/w install kit
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: GPB08S15
 Gage Pressure Transmier, Polycarbonate with hinged and gasketed cover, 3.5, 7, 17.5, and 35 Bar, FT-6 Plenum Rated, 1.5 m (5')
Hake Vietnam Code: A2-4
 Spray balls
 DN 20 (inside diam. 22,2mm slip-on connection), material 1.4571
Hans Schmidt Vietnam Model: DXL-10K
 Tension Meters Hand-Held-Mechanical
Hohner Elektrotechnik Werne
 Incremental Solid Shaft Encoder
 Includes connector 05.
Hohner Italy
IFM Vietnam Code: EVF566
 Description: Wirable socket
IFM Vietnam Code:  PN7296
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
 PN5206 is replaced by PN7296
IFM Vietnam Code:  IG0006
 Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code:  IB0106
 Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code:  IB0114
 Description: Inductive sensor
IMO Vietnam Code: BX80S/10-1A
 Photo-Electric Area Sensor Through-Beam Emitter,
 Cable 2m DC Sn=2m. Resolution 6mm PBT Body PC Lens + AL Outer
 ( replace for AX80E/00-KA00)
IMO Vietnam Code: BX80A/1P-1A
 Photo-Electric Area Sensor Through-Beam
 Receiver,Cable 2m DC NO/NC PNP, Sn=2m, Rs. 6mm Aluminium Body
 ( replace for AX80R/0P-KA00)
KNICK Vietnam P 15000 F1
 Isolated Standard Signal Conditioner
Leuze Vietnam Code: GS 63B/6D,200-S8
 Forked photoelectric sensor for Detection of non-transparent labels, Label width 2mm, Label gap 2mm, LED, Infrared, 10-30VDC, Transistor, Push-pull Switching signal on label, 200mm cable M8 4Pin connector, Metal housing, potentiometer, IP67,-20 ... 60°C
Code: ND10 22100E1
 3-phase network meter, LCD
 2:input x/5A
 1:RS485 interface
 00:standard version
 E:English version
 1:QI certificate
Code: ND20LITE22100M1
 3-phase network meter, LCD
 2:input 1/5A
 2:U in. 3x57,7/100V, 3x69,3/120V, 3x230/400V
 1:supply 85-253Va.c./d.c., 90-300Vd.c.
 00:standard version
 M:English/Polish version
 1:with test certificate
Model: EA2-TX-100-HD
 Dew-Point Transmitter
Micro Detectors Vietnam Code: AK1/AP-1H
 Inductive proximity sensor
 Note: 10pcs/box
Micro Detectors Vietnam Code: CE1/0P-1A
 Proximity Switches
MICRO-EPSILON Vietnam Article No.: 4120226
 ILD1420-500 Laseroptical displacement sensor, integrated cable 3m, open wires ; Measuring range 500mm
 Reference distance to start of measuring range 100mm
 Adjustable measurement rate in 5 stages starting with 250Hz to 4000Hz
 Compact sensor design with integrated signal conditioning
 Laser wave length 670nm, red
 Analogue output 4 ... 20mA
 Digital output via RS422 (switchable) with teach-in and trigger input
 Setup via web interface
 Peak selection: first, highest or last Peak
 Power supply 11... 30VDC
 integrated cable 3m with open wires
 Protection class IP65
Milton Roy Vietnam Bơm hóa chất dạng màng tác động bằng piston thủy lực hiệu Milton Roy - mRoy Model B
 Lưu lượng: 80 L/H;
 Áp suất làm việc: 67 Bar;
 Động cơ: 1.1 kW, 3Ph-50Hz-380V, 4P, IP55, TEFC
Milton Roy Vietnam Bơm hóa chất dạng màng tác động cơ khí hiệu Milton Roy - LMI Series B
 Model: B926-398TI
 Lưu lượng: 9.5 L/H;
 Áp suất làm việc: 6.9 Bar ;
 Điện áp cung cấp: 220/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Milton Roy Vietnam Bơm hóa chất dạng màng tác động cơ khí hiệu Milton Roy - G Series
 Model: GM0050PRAMNN
 Lưu lượng: 50 L/H;
 Áp suất làm việc: 10 Bar;
 Động cơ: 250W, IEC71, 4P, 3-50-220/380V, IP55/F/TEFC
Milton Roy Vietnam Bơm hóa chất dạng màng tác động bằng piston thủy lực hiệu Milton Roy - mRoy Model A
 Lưu lượng: 57 L/H;
 Áp suất làm việc: 24 Bar;
 Động cơ: 0.37 kW, 3Ph-50Hz-380V, 4P, IP55, TEFC
Milton Roy Vietnam Bơm hóa chất dạng màng tác động bằng piston thủy lực hiệu Milton Roy-mRoy Model B
 Lưu lượng: 80 L/H;
 Áp suất làm việc: 67 Bar;
 Động cơ: 1.1 kW, 3Ph-50Hz-380V, 4P, IP55, TEFC
M-ZKB-1.2 Brake
 12N-M, Self-Cooled Brake
 'MINPLY Magnetic Powder Clutch & Brake -Same as Mitsubishi's in Quality
MMM Vietnam Tủ ấm, đối lưu không khí tự nhiên
 Incucell 707 ECO (IC 707 ECO)
 - Dung tích lòng: 707 lít
 - Thang nhiệt độ: nhiệt độ môi trường +5°C đến 100°C
 - Dao động nhiệt tại các vị trí khác nhau: ≤ 1,5%.
 - Biến đổi nhiệt độ theo thời gian ±0,2°C
 - Khay bằng thép mạ crom
 - Tải trọng tối đa 50kg/khay, tối đa 130 kg/tủ
 - Thời gian gia nhiệt đạt nhiệt độ 37°C: 59 phút
 - Nguồn điện: 230V, 50Hz, 900W
 - Độ ồn: 0 dB
 - Cung cấp kèm theo 2 khay (đặt tối đa 19 khay).
MMM Vietnam Khay cho tủ Incucell 707
 Code: MC 000708
MOXA Vietnam Model: AWK-1137C-EU
 802.11n Wireless Client, EU band, 0 to 60°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-205
 Entry-level Unmanaged Ethernet Switch with 5 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10 to 60°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: CP-118E-A-I w/o cable
 8 Port PCIe Board, w/o Cable, RS-232/422/485, w/ Surge , w/ Isolation
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code:  GBM0300MD841S1G1102HC
 Temposonics GST Sensor
 Note: recheck delivery before order
MTS Sensor/Temposonics Vietnam Code: RD4SD2S0825MD60A01
 Temposonics® R-Series
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
NETTER VIBRATION Vietnam Model: 01722000
 Netter pneumatic roller vibrator NCR 22
Norgren Vietnam 0558937000000000
Ogura Vietnam Code: SNB 2.5K-N Brake
 Negative Actuated Type EM
 Brake for Braking
Parker Vietnam Model: P2E−QV32C3
 Van điện từ 24 VDC
Model:  SCLTSD-250-00-07
 Level Temp.Controller
Pfannenberg Vietnam Part Nr.: 13047998346
 Indoor Cooling Units
 Description: DTS-8041ES, 230Vac, CSC, RAL 7035, CM
 Note: Recheck delivery time befor order
 Dangerous product
Pilz Vietnam Code:  750103
 Description: PNOZ s3 24VDC 2 n/o
 safety relay
Qlight Vietnam Model: SEHN25-WS-24
 Electric Horns
Qlight Vietnam Model: SEHN25-WS-220
 Electric Horns
RAMSEY Vietnam MN# 044038 Speed Sensor
 Under Speed
 UNDER SPEED SW,60-23P-60/600
RECO Filter Vietnam Model: 10600013
 RECO valve 2/2 NG4,5-8P-24VDC
 2/2 magnetic valve
 input supply voltage 24V DC
 power 22 W
 ED 10%
 with seal and gland M25 - black
Rico Werk Vietnam Automatic voltage regulator (discontinued)
 (replacement model for
 591601, 591605, 591604, 591614)
 100 % compatible
 Typ Prometos/X DP (USB)
 stock no. 591 615-1
Model : 1066-C-HT-73
 Single Channel Transmitter
Model : 1066-T-HT-73
 Single Channel Transmitter
Model : 228-02-21-56-61
 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
Model : 499ATRDO-54
 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Sanko Vietnam Code : MR-200II
 Moisture Meters
Sanko Vietnam Model: KG-PA
 Probe for for papers, cardboard 3.5~40%
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: 103H7123-0740
 Stepping motor
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: 104-9011-1 ENCODER
 DC Tachometer Generator
 60V/1000 RPM
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: 104-8011-1 ENCODER
 DC Tachometer Generator
Seah Hightech Vietnam Model: SAHT-MF-FE-P1
 Membrane Filter Element
 Filter Element Pore Size : 1 Micron(Paper)
Sew Vietnam Type: MDX61B0030-5A3-4-00
Sick Vietnam Code:  1044125 Safety Sensor
 Description: FX3-XTIO84002
 Safety systems
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 114237
 Description: Lightsource adjusted for OilGuard 2(Ex)
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 122273
 Description: Conversion kit LED 280nm OilGuard
 incl. 1x LED 280nm
 (required once per device, then only LED
 280nm as spare part, #122276)
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 122276
 Description: LED 280nm adjusted for OilGuard
Model : 2SA5521-0CE00-4BB3-ZB49
 Electric Actuator
SKC Vietnam Code: 224-PCXR8KD
Model: SY5120-5LZD-C6
TR Electronic Vietnam Code: CEV65M-01460
 Description: Encoder / Drehgeber
 CEV65M*4096/4096 V001 Profibus DP
 (old: 110-01460)
 drawing no.: 04-418-1552
 number of steps 4096
 revolutions 4096
 Profibus DP interface
 Code programmable
 Supply voltage 11-27V
 Output level RS485
 Protection class IP65
 Flange type ZB36
 shaft design 10FL/19.5
 Drawing no. 04-418-1552
Univer Vietnam Code: K2000800040
 Pneumatic cylinder ISO 15552
 080/0040 CHROM. ISO CYL.
Univer Vietnam Code: AG-3232
 AG Poppet valve for vacuum air G1/8- G1 1/2
VibroSystM Vietnam Cảm biến đo độ rung
 P/N: VSM-FOA100E-10A
 FOA-100E Fiber OpticAccelerometer complete
 with 10m integral fiber optic cable and signal conditioner
Code: SX300-10-M36-420AT-F22-K1 SENSOR
 Draw wire sensor, special version for hydraulic cylinders,
 measurement range 10 m, flange-type F2, 568,9 mm/turn, working pressure up to 300 Bar, shaft diameter: 10 mm
 Encoder type (M36-SC-K-10-420A-SR12-IP67) scaleable:
 Magnetical Absolut-Multiturn-Encoder ø 36 mm, 12 Bit D/A converter, Hollowshaft ø 10 mm, continuous rotation, 10...30VDC, output: 4...20 mA, Linearity: 0.05 %, IP67, Fixing: stator coupling, connector output M12, radial, 5 poles
 Option: cable/connector orientation top
Code: K5P10M-S-M12
 Cable with mating straight M12 connector, 5 poles,
 shielded, cable length 10 m
Wistro Vietnam Art. No.: 17.10.0001 FAN for Cooling System
 Type: FLAI Bg132 K IP66 250lg GNO
 (B33,85°) 4-pol.
 Cooling Fan
Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam Model: FN080-SDA.6N.V7P5 Fan for Cooling Systerm
 PN# 168784
 Axial fan with sickle blades
 (Replace for obsolete FN080-SDA.6N.V7)
Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam 210800 Fan for Cooling System
 1~ 230V ±10% 50Hz P1 130W
 0,60A 1280/MIN 4UF/400V
 1~ 230V ±10% 60Hz P1 180W
 0,82A 1350/MIN 4UF/400V
 Cross flow fan