Product and description

100% Japan Origin

Sumitomo Vietnam

Model: CW-A175BN-LD-C613-60 (2B14666)

2.2kw 4p 220/380v 50HZ 1500min Motor


100% Taiwan Origin

MOXA Vietnam

Model: NPort 5410

4 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232, DB9 male, 15KV ESD, 12-48 VDC, W/o Adapter

100% Taiwan Origin

MOXA Vietnam

Model: IMC-21GA

Industrial Gigabit Media Converter, SFP Slot, -10 to 60°C


100% Germany Origin


Update Order Number: 51029328

Heratherm Oven Model: OGS400 ; Order number: 50129327

Note: Recheck code khi order


100% Japan Origin

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Model: TBZ60-9.9

Turbine Gas Meter ; Built-in battery type

With temperature and pressure correction 980kPa

Flow direction: Please let us know when  you order


100% Korea Origin

KOINO Vietnam

Model: KPS-P300DBS

Photo Sensor


100% Japan Origin

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Fuel Gas

UZ50-500 Conversion Flow Rate Type 500kPa

Connection diameter: JIS10K 50A

Connection type: External (24VDC)

Flow direction: Left, Right, Top or Bottom inlet


100% China Origin

Fisher Vietnam

Model: DVC6200HC

Valve Control; Input signal: 4 - 20 mA ; Supply press: 1.4 - 6 bar


100% USA Origin

MEECO Vietnam

Model: AquaVoltTM

Modular, 19" Rack Mount Moisture Analyzer. For Inert, Oxygen, or Hydrogen gases (select cell type below) Adjustable Alarms (Installed)



- Instruction Manual, CD Version

- Power Cord 220 VAC


100% USA Origin

MEECO Vietnam