Solar Tracking Solution

Solar Cube - Precision Tracking & Management Controller

The IMO Solar Cube has been developed as a ground breaking, easy-to-set-up solar tracking and management controller with the flexibility to adapt to any installation. An off-the-shelf solution, the Solar Cube has been designed for use on either single or dual axis solar panel installations to precisely track the sun's movement and provide optimum panel (or array) positioning.
With the option of GPS positioning or manual inputting of the array's location, the Solar Cube is easy to setup anywhere in the world. The Solar Cube is a competitive solution for controlling each array or it can be configured to control up to 4 arrays simultaneously from one controller, providing additional savings.

Solar Cube  is a reliable solution for solar tracking control to replace existing programmable relays and time-based PLC tracking controls.

Solar Cube Benefits

  • Easy to set up, out-of-the-box solution
  • Flexbility to adapt to any installation
  • Built-in sun positioning algorithm
  • Integrated Ethernet option for remote web access
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