Bow and skew detection

The Orthopac FMC automatic straightener is the heart and core of the Orthopac. The device consists of an optical scanning system and electronic control for distortion correction.

It is used primarily to detect and log residual distortions in the exit end of a system, e.g. with the stenter. Thread density can be determined at the same time. It can also be connected to external straightening machines then serving them as control unit.

Scanning principle according to the modulation principle via Fast Fourier transformation
Scanning principle according to the modulation principle via Fast Fourier transformation

Tracks down distortion in fabric

Skewing of the product during manufacture alters the structure of textile webs. A distorted product depreciates in useful value, affects subsequent processing and invites complaints. 

The integrated optical distortion detection Orthopac FMC  is capable of handling the variety of usual colours, print and Jacquard patterns as well as surface structures such as pile and loop.

The scanning system detects and analyses the regular basic structure of the weft threads, courses or rows of tufting. If necessary, their density is determined at the same time.

Product highlights

  • Broadest scanning spectrum on the market
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Automatic scanning even of the most complex product structures

Customer benefits

  • Optimized optics ensure maximum possible resolution of the angle of distortion
  • Direct, instantaneous signal processing determines the angle in a trice
  • Optimized back and incident lighting








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