Colorscan CIS-12 - accurate dye monitor

The device measures the colour of the cloth with standard geometry (CIE Lab-system) - any variations in shade, chroma, and luminosity can be indicated separately

Product highlights

  • Traversing, noncontact spectrometer for use on a running web
  • Objective measurement of colour and degree of whiteness
  • Display of the colour values in the internationally-standard CIE Lab system

Customer benefits

  • Highest accuracy of colour measurement
  • Highest repeatability of colour measurement
  • High measurement density

No risk of  overlooking slight variations in colour

When a piece is unevenly dyed, the colour across and along it varies gradually as a rule over many metres of cloth. The human eye has great difficulty therefore in detecting such subtle variations.

Once the material has been made up into garments, even the slightest difference in shade between two pieces sewn together will create a very bad impression. The percher really has no option but to cut samples at regular intervals from the piece, and compare them.