Rico-Werk Vietnam Pulse amplifier Power Boost IPA-2 (-V2) ; IPA fully controlled
stock no. 591 402-BT
Rico-Werk Vietnam Digital I/O board (-A3) including arc quenching
stock no. 591 326-1
Rico-Werk Vietnam Digital I/O board (replacement model 591297-2, 100 % compatible)
stock no. 591 326-1
Rico-Werk Vietnam Pulse amplifier Power Boost IPA-2 (-V2) ; IPA fully controlled
stock no. 591 402-BT
Micro Process Controls Vietnam Model: 100S-DS-DEC-S66-12N
Range: 0-3 Kg/cm2 ; Dial size: 100mm
CONTRINEX Vietnam Code: DW-AS-703-M30-002
SAP Nr. 320-420-248
CONTRINEX Vietnam Code: DW-AS-703-M30-002
SAP Nr. 320-420-248
Sew Vietnam PT1000 temperature sensor
SEW Servogetriebemotor
TERWORLD Vietnam Model: PF090301000037
Kinetrol Vietnam Model: 094-100
Woonyoung Vietnam WY3H3C30Z4
Solid State Relay(SSR)
Woonyoung Vietnam WY3H3C30Z4
IMO Vietnam Model: VXR2A5-4
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam INFRARED LINESCANNER RAYTMP150-LT-R-0
Lumel Vietnam Code: P41 100E0
PORA Vietnam PR-DPA-100.A
Micromatic Vietnam P/N: 26-50-0120
Micromatic Actuator; Model: MPJ-34-2V-SE-SS-E/B SAE Ports
Unitronics Vietnam Code: V120-22-T38
V120-22 OPLC,22/16 IO
Unitronics Vietnam Code: V1040-T20B
Unitronics Vietnam Code:  V200-18-E4XB
Dwyer Vietnam PG-7200-804-P1
Pressure Switch
FOLOLO Vietnam Model: HFT-W-WU1TG250
Cảm Biến Lưu Lượng
Leuze Vietnam  
Replaced by: MLD510-RT2
Rugged and cost optimized Type 4 safety 2beam light grid transceiver. 24VDC 2x PNP OSSD safety outputs. M12 5pin connection. 
Leuze Vietnam MLD-M002
  MLD series passive mirror for MLD safety 2-beam transceivers. 0.5-8 meter range. IP67. Bracket kits ordered separately
Leuze Vietnam MSI-m/R
  Safety Relay Type 4. 2 N/O + 1 NC contacts Muting control PC diagnostics interface
Norgen/IMI Norgren Vietnam PA2-0712100
PA tube, black, 12x9, 100 m Norgren
Norgen/ SXE9574-Z71-81-33N
IMI Norgren Vietnam ISO-STAR electropneumatic, 5/2-mono ISO2 24 VDC Norgren
Fisher Vietnam DVC6200
Valve Controller
ATRAX  Vietnam Model: CCN-8-Rev
Conveyor Control Node, including
AS-i Inputs (2 PE, Contactor Auxiliary Contact, Motor
Overload Relay for 0.37kW motor, E-Stop Trip Detection)
AS-i Outputs (Motor Run, Auxiliary Output - 24VDC)
ATRAX  Vietnam Art number: AS-i Gen I/O Module
ATRAX  Vietnam Art number: Pepperl & Fuchs AS-i Splitter VAZ-T1-FK-G10-V1
ATRAX  Vietnam Art number: Atrax AS-i enabled Extended Operator Panel
Watlow Vietnam Code: 023055502
1 1/4X3 3/32-240V-46W Heater
Watlow Vietnam Code: 023030500
2 11/16X2 3/4-240V-23W Heater
Watlow Vietnam Code: A003753
Wolf Safety Vietnam WL-80
Worklite with 18 LEDs and 18 Ah battery May '18 onwards and Mains Charger 100-254V AC
Conductix Vietnam 022132-200
Sicor-Sureco Vietnam Model: VFR-EVO
Holik International Vietnam Model:  LIPA 7113
Chiba Vietnam Model: VFR-EVO
FIRE GLOVES Model: 61104, Colour: Black; Length: about 38 cm
Drager Vietnam Model: PSS 4000 
Drager Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Showa Giken/SGK Vietnam AC 20A-8A RH
Rotary Joint
Yokogawa Vietnam Code: FU20-10-T1-NPT
Yokogawa Vietnam Code: FLXA402-D-B-AB-P1-NN-A2-WR-N-N-N-NN/U/SCT/CD4
Multi Channel 4-Wire Analyzer
Flir Vietnam FLIR E8  XT
FLIR E8  XT non contact Infrarood camera bereik
-20/+550ºC (320x240) 
GYS Vietnam NEOSTART 420
Charger Starter  ref. 025295 ; 230V 50/60 HZ 
Aquasol Vietnam ASWT-1
Water Soluble Tape ; Roll Size: 1 inch x 300 feet
Controller ; REPLACEMENT FOR SS4500 (SS4500)
ASCO CO2 CARBON DIOXIDE Vietnam O/Part number: 4046644  (914006)
Dome loaded pres. reducing valve C2-K32 
ASCO CO2 CARBON DIOXIDE Vietnam O/Part number: 4046831  (914343)
Line Safety 1" 25bar BW/BW
DOLD Vietnam Art No: 0048696
BO5988.61/024/61 DC24V+AC230V Emergency Stop Module
DOLD Vietnam Art No: 0061919
LG5925.48/61 AC/DC24V Emergency Stop Module