Model: CLS54-ACS1012/ Cảm biến đo độ dẫn điện (Analog conductivity sensor)/ Endress Hauser 

Measuring principle



Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and in biotechnology.


Specifically intended for use in hygienic applications and especially suitable for following applications:
Phase separation, control of CIP, concentration control, product monitoring, leakage monitoring.

Measurement range

100 µS/cm - 2000 mS/cm Cell constant k: 6,3 1/cm

Measuring principle

Inductive conductivity measurement


Hygienic design with food-grade virgin PEEK body in jointless and creviceless design including all hygienic certifications.


In contact with medium: Virgin PEEK
Surface roughness: Ra<0.9µm

Process temperature

Process temperature: -10°C - +125°C
(14°F - 257°F)
Sterilisation: 150°C/5 bar (max. 60 min.)
(302°F / 72.5 psi)

Process pressure

12 bar(174 psi)/20°C(68°F)
8 bar(116 psi)/125°C(257°F)

Temperature sensor

Pt1000 (class A)with a temperature response time T90 < 27s.

Ex certification

ATEX II G EEx ia IIc T3/T4/T6
FM/CSA IS NI CL.I,II,III,Div.1&2 group A-G in connection with the transmitter CM42.


Dairy pipe, Aseptic-fitting, Clamp ISO 2852, SMS-2", Varivent N DN 40-125, Neumo Biocontrol D50.

Ingres protection


Additional certifications

FDA, EHEDG, 3-A, Biological reactivity (USP class VI part 87 and 88)