The Canneed "CTG-310 Coating Thickness Gauge" provides a computer enhanced method of rapidly assessing lacquer film weight of both internal and external coatings on beverage and food cans, and also tinplate. 

The system provides the following benefits to the Can and End manufacturer: 

1.Reduced lacquer consumption - With its exact calibration system bringing improved accuracies, film weight data will be precise, leading to improved control and potentially lower film weight targets. 

2.Greater product quality - Accurate readings also mean that coating or spray equipment will be setup and maintained more closely to the required specifications, improving the quality of, and confidence in, your product. 

3.Better operating efficiencies - The Gauge features microprocessor control, digital readouts and data output to the printer and computer. This enables rapid yet accurate operation, reducing unproductive operator time and allowing quicker machine setups. 

4.Lower spoilage - The Gauge's quick operation and ability to be sited out on the production line enable test frequencies to be increased at no additional cost. Problems and trends will be spotted earlier, reducing the quantity of bad product made on the line.

Technical Specifications (changes reserved):
Range  : 0 to 99.99 g/M2
Resolution  : 0.01 g/M2
Units : g/M2 (gram / Square Meter)
Rear Panel  : RS232 serial output
Power supply : 220V/50Hz