Đặt điểm

Vaisala HUMICAP® HM70 Handheld is designed for demanding humidity measurement in spot-checking applications. It is also ideal for field checking and calibration of Vaisala's fixed humidity instruments.

The HM70 includes an MI70 indicator and an optional probe depending on the application.

  • HMP75 with standard plastic grid

  • HMP75B (chemical purge and sensor preheating)

  • HMP76 with standard sintered bronze filter

  • HMP76B (chemical purge and sensor preheating)

  • HMP77 with standard plastic grid and stainless steel netting

  • HMP77B (chemical purge and sensor preheating)

The optional MI70 Link Windows® software in combination with a USB connection cable is used to transfer logged data and real time measurement data from the HM70 to a PC.

Ưu điểm

Easy data logging

Data can be logged, and transferred to a PC via MI70 Link software.

Multilingual user interface

English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Russian or Japanese. Shows trends graphically.

Rugged and reliable

Suitable also for use in extreme conditions.