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Inductive Sensor

In general, inductive proximity switches consist of four basic elements: a coil, an oscillator, a threshold switch and an output stage with short-circuit protection.

In proximity switches with a DC voltage supply, this switch is designed as an NPN which switches the connected load to the negative pole or as a PNP transistor which switches the load to the positive pole. The output stage is a thyristor or a triac in AC voltage switches.                               

  • M4 / M5 (micro- sensor): KIB-D03 , KIB-D04, KIB-D06, KIN-D06, KIB-M04, KIB-M05 Series

  • M8x1 (Metric Sensor): KIB-M08 , KIN-M08 Series

  • M12x1 (metric Sensor): KIB-M12, KIN-M12, KIN-T12 Series

  • M18x1 (metric Sensor): KIB-M18, KIB-T18, KIN-M18, KIN-T18 Series

  • M30x1,5 (metric Sensor): KIB-M30, KIB-T30, KIN-M30, KIN-T30 Series

  • Metal/ Plastic (Rectangular housings sensor): KIN-R34, KIB-Q05, KIB-Q08, KIB-Q12, KIB-E27, KIB-E28, KIB-E40, KIN-E40, KIB-E50, KIN-E50, KIN-E60, KIN-E68, KIN-N40, KIR-N40,… Series

  • NAMUR sensors: KIB-M04EA, KIB-M05EA, KIB-M08EA, KIB-M08ES, KIN-M08EA, KIB-M12EA, KIB-M12ES, KIN-M12EÖ, KIN-M12EA, KIB-M18EA, KIB-M18ES, KIB-M30EA,… Series