MGL2-TPE Máy nghiền hạt Matsui Vietnam ANSdanang

Low-Speed Granulator (Easy Cleaning Type) Dedicated for Elastomer


  • plas-aid
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Patented/ patent pending

MGL2-TPE is a low speed granulator which is easy to clean and maintain, especially made for "Soft materials". The absence of the screen prevents excessive granulation and mis-cuts, thereby maintaining a size like that of "New Pellet Chip".


●The use of anti-vibration torque arm extends the lifespan of bearing and reduction gear (by 1.5 to 2 times as compared to previous models). (Patent No.3972049)
●The large rotating blade prevents formation of black spots that occurs when runners goes through the casing.

2.Easy Cleaning

●Pivot design allows chamber to be widely opened without any tools. (Patent No.3936385)
●Round bolts that are used for bed cutter prevent regrind materials from accumulating in the bolt head.

3.Easy Maintenance

●Sight glass has been included as a regular feature for supervision of granulation.
●Dust wiper prevents fine granulated materials from getting into the bearing. Air purge can also be used manually. (Patent No.3966892)

4.Safe and Environmental Friendly

●3 limit switches are located at the opening and closing part of feeding hopper and insertion part of suction box.
●Motor breaker prevents excessive load.
●The straight feeding hopper prevents formation of bridge from sprue runners in the hopper.