Needle and Iron Piece Detector Metal Detector
SAS circuit built-in for detection of strayed needles
SAS circuit which enables stable operations to make dresses even in process of stitching together wearing accessories like fasteners, hooks, buttons. And that improves productivity.
Detecting sensitivity is switchable according to sizes, kinds, quantities of wearing accessories which enhances detecting ability in lady’s and gentleman’s apparel.
Note  :  please use wearing accessories corresponding to counter-measured standards
          (NC products)
          APA-3000i for Europe with CE-mark is also available.
Lady's ,gentleman's , children's wear
Others, strayed needles in general clothes
Detecting method  :  Permanent magnetic induction
Alarm device  :  Lamp, buzzer
Detecting area  :  14×55 cm
Sensibility selector  :  Electronic type, 3-step switching (LOW / MID / HIGH)
Detecting ability  :  Max. 8~11 cm with a making pin
Power source  :  AC100V, 50/60 Hz
Weight and dimensions  :  400(W)×70(H)×600(D) mm, 12kg