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ONICON offers a variety of BTU meter systems designed for measuring thermal energy in water-based systems. All ONICON thermal energy measurement systems are delivered fully programmed for your application and are ready to use right out of the box.

When you choose ONICON for your BTU meters, you can count on the ONICON Difference. We are industry leaders, and our customer-service will help you from start to finish. We calibrate our BTU meters to meet your specific application needs, and our meters are easily installed as soon as you receive them. We guarantee your BTU meters are durable, reliable, and designed to accurately measure thermal energy in water-based systems. We offer a 1-year no-fault warranty and a 3-year manufacturer warranty on all of our products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Onicon BTU meters product list:

System-20 BTU Meter

The System-20 BTU Measurement System provides highly accurate and reliable thermal energy measurement in heating and cooling systems. Designed for maximum versatility, the System-20 provides energy, flow and temperature data on the local display, and communicates via RS485 BACnet® MS/TP or MODBUS® RTU directly with your BMS/BAS. In addition, the System-20 provides an analog output signal, pulse outputs, and auxiliary pulse inputs, all of which are configurable via an intuitive user interface.

Typical Applications of Onicon System-20 BTU Meter

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Central plant monitoring

  • Campus energy monitoring and cost allocation

  • Performance/efficiency evaluations

  • Energy monitoring for performance contracts

  • AHU and CRAC units for commercial office tenant billing

  • Solar, geothermal and ground-source energy monitoring

  • Residential apartment and condominium tenant billing

System-10 BTU Meter

The System-10 BTU Meter is a highly accurate microprocessor-based instrument designed to provide full energy, flow and temperature data both at the front panel LCD and over an optional serial network interface. The System-10 is also available with optional analog output signals for energy, flow and temperature. The System-10 is the ideal choice for networking to control systems with the availability of BACnet®, MODBUS®, LonWorks®, Johnson Controls-N2®, Siemens-P1® interface cards.

Typical Applications of Onicon System-10 BTU Meter

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Commercial office tenant billing

  • Central plant monitoring

  • University campus monitoring

  • Institutional energy cost allocation

  • Performance / efficiency evaluations

  • Performance contracting energy monitoring

  • Cogeneration heat recovery monitoring

System-40 BTU Measurement System

The System-40 provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water or condenser water systems. It is provided as a complete meter and includes a matched pair of platinum RTD temperature sensors and an integral inline ultrasonic flow sensor. It is available for use in ½” through 2½” piping systems with flow rates ranging from 0.03 to 250 GPM.

Typical Applications

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Commercial office tenant billing

  • Residential apartment and condominium tenant billing


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