WK6000 AC measurement

WK 6000 are designed to measure and convert all electrical parameters of primary and compound values, on all types of electrical networks, monophasic, balanced or unbalanced triphasic, 3 or 4 wires and for all
current or voltage values.
WK6000 are sold with their BL02WLV base with auto-short circuiting contacts for current inputs
The running inputs are galvanically isolated from each other by internal CT.
Each exit is isolated and completely independent

The WK 6000 comes in three models:

carre  WK 6000TU with 3 Isolated Analog Outputs,2 Isolated Pulse Exits and 2 Relays

carre  WK 6000IS with a TCP/IP-MODBUS output via an RJ 45

carre  6000TS with a TCP/IP-MODBUS output