The drive components from Baumüller meet other features for an advanced, innovative total solution. The single cable solution used between the converter and servomotor in combination with digital encoders, reduces the construction volume for the electrical installation with simultaneous increase of the functionality. Short, error-free production and customer service processes are achieved with the implemented automation options. The digital future is enabled through the automatic drive configuration with data set / firmware manipulations, automatic drive optimization, etc. The efficient, 

Improved design

  • Significantly simplified device installation
  • Efficient integration in heterogeneous automation environment through diverse bus interfaces as well as the associated PLC drive libraries
  • Flexible converter modular system with axes from 3 to 200 A
  • Digital encoders with single cable solution
  • Field bus can be freely selected

Optimized operation

  • Emergency Stop moves the machine back to the same point, so that no error occurs in the embroidery pattern
  • Easy device replacement
  • Low service costs
  • Automated updates
  • Error files are uploaded automatically

Customer benefits

  • Cost-effective total drive solution
  • Maximum product reliability
  • Very high total availability
  • Maximum dynamics and precision