Orthopac GRVMC-15 - Heavy-duty weftstraightener

The reinforced weftstraightener is well equipped for heavyweight materials like denim, carpet or industrial fabric

Heavy-duty weft straightening

The heavy duty version. High demands due to large product widths (e.g. carpet) or dimensionally stable textiles with defined skew settings (e.g. denim) require a more solid configuration. The frame, bearings and rollers are designed for high loads. Available with up to 5400 mm working width.

Product highlights

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Working widths of up to 5400 mm
  • Suitable for tensional forces of up to 400 kg

Customer benefits

  • Maintaining tight distortion tolerances
  • Documentation of residual distortions
  • Avoiding complaints

Area of application

  • Denim
  • Industrial fabric
  • Raschel curtaining
  • Glass-/carbon fibre wovens
  • Carpeting