A centred running web is essential

On a wide variety of finishing processes involving on-line textiles, the cloth will invariably tend to drift sideways without the help of some kind of system to prevent it from doing so.

This tendency can be countered with the versatile cloth guiding and spreading systems Ceremat MMZ from Mahlo. These guide the cloth in a preselected position into the machine, ensuring in doing so trouble-free processing at a subsequent stage (eg. Padder feed-side, sanforizer, minimum wastage at the selvedge cutters) and a top-quality product!

A remote broadband sensor determines the actual, lateral position (line) of the on-line web. A comparison between the sensor‘s two outputs and subsequent evaluation produces a control signal for the assembly’s actuator (servomotor). The course taken by the web is then corrected accordingly.

Product highlights

  • Wide range of applications
  • Variable application through bar linings
  • Individual adjustment to any product web

Customer benefits

  • Reduced waste
  • Troublefree production
  • High product quality

Typical application

With flexible slats

  • printing machines
  • perches
  • calanders
  • laminators
  • sueding and raising machines

With one-piece slats

  • stenters
  • dyeing and washing ranges
  • padders
  • calanders
  • and many more