The Textometer DMB is a mobile handy device for measuring moisture on textile webs and bobbins on a wide variety of versions. It determines the moisture content of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products precisely and quickly.

The Textometer DMB is small, lightweight and portable – and therefore exactly ready wherever needed. It is mobile for use in the field and just as stationary in the laboratory and plant. The touchscreen of the new device generation ensures even simpler operation. The device can be operated with rechargeable batteries (with automatic shut-off) or power connection.

Stored measurements can be transferred to the PC via USB media.

Product highlights

  • Many universally usable electrodes
  • Touchscreen & colour display
  • Large measuring range
  • Over 5 hrs. of battery operation
  • Data export (CSV) via USB

Customer benefits

  • Reliable moisture measurement
  • Covers all material combinations
  • Portable, fast, flexible and precise
  • Easy operation
  • Most effective in fighting mould and fungus