The CanNeed “CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker” is a professional oven temperature curve inspection system for the coating industry, it is including the data logger, heat insulation case, software (Chinese / English) and thermocouples.

The CanNeed “CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker” is use to pass through the oven with the solidifying products, and record down the real temperature during the process. The logger is in the centre of the system. Heat insulation case is for protecting the logger from over heat by the oven. When passing through the oven, the CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker will record down the real time temperature of the solidifying products through the 5 thermocouples which were connected to the products, and one thermocouple is for recording the air temperature of the oven. After the recording process was finished, use the CND_TRK Software to analyze the temperature data and generate the detail reports.

The CanNeed “CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker” is a perfect solution for coating suppliers to show how their products were proper solidified. The accurate product temperature data curve is extremely important for the modern production technics. Manufacturers all over the world are using the oven temperature curve inspection system to improve the product quality, deduct the rate of defective goods and prove the control process is accord with ISO9000. With the CND_TRK Software, the temperature curve inspection has become so easy that it never been!

The heating process is critical for the product quality. Coating material suppliers will provide a standard instruction for the solidifying. Inadequate or over solidifying will both result in the quality problems. The CanNeed “CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker” provides you a clear image of the temperature curve, so that to monitor the production and helps to saving the energy and guaranty the product quality.