Model: DS252/ Bộ ghi dữ liệu (Data recoder)/ Unipulse

Card slot

Card specification

CF-Card (Type I or Type II)

Power supply


Available capacity card

Max. 512 MB (FAT16)


File specification

File format

CSV format text file

File name

ddhhmmss.csv (dd:day, hh:hour, mm:minute, ss:second)

Create file timing

During grand total (GT) operation or at random timing


Data recording method


・ REC key input
・ Rear panel input (REC terminal)
・ Auto Recording command input (via SI/F, RS-232C)
・ Automatic record by interval setting (1 to 9999 sec.)


File writing method


・ WRITE→ENT key input
・ GT→ENT key input
・ Rear panel input (WRITE terminal)
・ Rear panel input (GT terminal)
・ In case of full internal memory
・ Set by maximum recording count for each codes
・ Setting time


Details of recorded data


Date, Time, Input value, Unit, Status, Code name (6-digits), Count (1 to 9999 counts), Sub-total (9-digits), Grand Total (9-digits), Batch Total, Maximum Value, Minimum Value, Average, Standard Deviation, Range (Max-Min), Frequency Distribution, Error, Over




Grand total/sub-total recording, batch totaling, code sorting type, deletion recording, OVER recording, interval recording, both recording


Setting section

Setting method

Front panel keys


Display section

Main display

16-characters x 2-rows, Character height 4.3 mm

Sub display

LED x 3
RECORD (Green): Data recording in-progress
WRITE (Green): Writing-in progress into card
ERROR (Red): Error display


Internal clock


Accuracy ±1 minute Gain/loss per month (25℃)


External signal


・ Ach: (1)COM, (2)REC, (3)WRITE, (4)ST, (5)GT, (6)SI/F, (7)SI/F
・ Bch: (8)COM, (9)REC, (10)WRITE, (11)ST, (12)GT, (13)SI/F, (14)SI/F


Interface (*With regard to options, only one function can be installed.)


SI/F 2-wire serial interface(Standard)
…This is a simple output serial interface for connection of a UNIPULSE-manufactured printer, external display, etc..


BCD parallel data input interface (option)
…Parallel interface to receive setting values from external devices.


RS-232C communication interface (option)
…Weight data, various kinds of status, and various setting values can be written, changed, and read by commands from the host computer side.


General performance

Power source


Power consumption

Max. 150mA

Inrush current

10A (800μsec(Typ.))

Operation condition

Temperature: Operation temperature range: 0℃ to +40℃; Storage temperature range: -20℃ to +70℃
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)


96(W)×96(H)×110(D) mm


Approx. 0.8kg



Mini driver


BCD input connector

1 (with BCD option)

Operation manual





RS-232C communication interface


BCD parallel data input interface