JOX SERIES(15Nm3/h-) Máy tạo khí Oxy Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang


♦ Easy handling because of all automatic operation
♦ Compact design requiring small space
♦ Installed anywhere if power is supplied.
♦ High-purity (90% or more) and dry(–50°C or less) oxygen gas can be obtained.
♦ Abundant variation with the range of product flow rate of 15Nm3/h (250 NL/MIN)to 150Nm3/h (2500 NL/MIN)




♦ For ozone generator
♦ For combustion equipment
♦ For live fish handling and transportation
♦ For air conditioning and oxygen gases for health
♦ For biology, cultivation, fermentation
♦ For glass-processing burner
♦ For metal-processing burner