Needle and Iron Piece Detector Metal Detector
Super high sensitive detection for wide-spanned objects
Ability for stable and continuous operations because of the latest technologies with less affection even under circumstances of vibrations, electric power noises.
High quality detector to be able to detect minute iron pieces with super high sensibility (10 times higher than standard types) by improving sensibility of the surface of the detecting electrode.
Detection of iron pieces such as needles, broken needles, staples strayed in broad fabric articles such as textiles, carpets, felts, non-woven fabrics, fabric rolls.
Detection of small iron pieces such as steel wires, bolts, nuts, tags, needles in rubbers, plastic materials, sheets, boards, cardboards, other various industrial articles.
Alarm device  :  LED Lamp, buzzer
Output  :  Non-voltage contact point output
Detecting width  :  560mm~2000 mm (a width varies in by a unit of 72mm) 
      * Special width available upon request
Detecting ability  :  
      Max. 5~6 cm with a setting pin
      Max. 10 mm on the detecting face with φ0.3× L2mm
Power source  :  AC100~240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight and dimensions  :  
      main body  :  280(W)×110(H)×230(D) mm, 3kg
      Probe(sensor)  :  810~2250(W)×91(H)×100(D) mm, about 6~24kg