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ONICON – Air Monitor- Stack Airflow Measurement

For stack airflow measurement in coal fired boilers, all facilities subjected to 40 CFR Part 75 must have a flow monitoring system that satisfies continuous monitoring requirements. Air Monitor’s CEMS flow rate monitoring system meets the EPA mandated requirements relative to 40 CFR Part 75. Key advantages of an Air Monitor CEMS system are:

EPA Requirement

  • Measurement location 

  • Interference check        

  • Calibration error              

  • Relative accuracy            

  • Bias       

Air Monitor Solution

  • Dual platforms not necessary to pick up velocity profile stratification in the stack

  • AUTO-purge III clears debris in particulate-laden airflow

  • AUTO-cal function calculates calibration error

  • Air Monitor’s multi-point averaging approach ensures high accuracy matching RATA tests performed by third parties

  • Pre-RATA test available from Air Monitor

ONICON Air flow Monitor product references:

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  AUTO-purge III

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  AUTO-purge III/CEM

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  CA Station – Combustion Airflow Measurement Station

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  CAMS™ – Combustion Airflow Management System

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  MASS-tron II/CEM

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  CEM Systems

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  IBAM

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  MASS-tron II/CEM

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  STACK-probe

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  VELTRON DPT and VELTRON DPT-Plus

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  VELTRON II CAMM Transmitter

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  VOLU-probe SS – Stainless Steel Traverse Probe with Transmitter


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