599 Series Ball Valves and Valve Actuators


The Siemens 599 Series ball valves and valve actuators deliver comprehensive control solutions for almost any chilled water, hot water, or 50% glycol applications. Available in spring return, non-spring return, 2-position, floating, and proportional control these valves and actuators suit most applications. Two-way valves are available with chrome-plated brass ball and brass stem or stainless steel ball and stem for harsher conditions. The 599 Series has a wide variety of Cv ranges to help you size the control of your application correctly.
  • 200 psi close-off pressure
  • 0.4 to 160 Cv ranges depending on valve size
  • 600/WOG/ANSI 250 pressure rating
  • Double o-ring stem packing
  • Blow-out proof stem for high pressure safety
  • Thermal barrier on universal mounting bracket