Power Data
* Power supply: 3 x 400Vac….480Vac 50/60Hz
* Motor power ratings from 11kW (7.5Hp) to 27kW (20Hp), @ 400Vac
* Overload: 183% for 10 seconds
* Motor type: Synchronous

EMC & Mark Compliances:
CE Mark

Main Features

  • Integrated Regenerative Unit
  • Unitary power factor (cosphi)
  • Low harmonic distortion of input current <4%
  • Multispeed control
  • Short floor management
  • Flexible ramp management
  • Management of TTL incremental digital encoder
  • Management of SinCos absolute encoder
  • “Space vector” modulation reduces noise levels to a minimum.
  • Motor parameters self tuning

Product Set-Up
The configuration set-up can be done by the following:

  • Integrated programming keypad
  • PC with Graphical User Interface GF-eXpress

Easy and safe start-up
Thanks to the User-friendly menu the configuration of the drive is fast and intuitive.