Cảm biến báo mức dạng cánh xoay (Rotary paddle type level switch) - Towa Seiden

Model: PRL-101

Standard specifications:

*Power voltage 100/110V AC 50/60Hz, or 200/220V AC 50/60Hz

*Attaching method Flange attachment JIS 5K65A

*Power consumption 2.5W

*Contact output 1C contact 250V AC 5A (resistance load)

*Detection torque (*1) About 10.0 N cm

*Slip torque (*2) About 30.0 N cm

*Rotation speed 1 rpm


+Main body case, flange: aluminum casting

+Main shaft, blade: SUS304

+Seal: nitrile rubber

*Operating temperature:

+Inside the tank: 70 C max.

+Outside the tank: 55 C max.

*Operating pressure Inside the tank: 0 - 196 kPa

*Paint color Munsell 10YR7.5/14