CanNeed CAN-F-125 Sterilization Temperature Monitor (F0 Value Monitor) has been chosen by many beverage and canned food factories.

Applicable to different kinds of sterilization equipments and different place that require temperature monitoring: sterilization kettle (autoclave), Spray sterilization machine, Water sink sterilization machine, warehouse, transportation vehicles, etc.

Applicable to different kinds of products: canned food, beverage, beer, pouch food, jelly, etc.
Applicable to different kinds of packaging: metal cans, glass or PET bottles, pouches, plastic boxes, etc.

Connect the temperature logger with the samples properly, and then put the connected samples into the sterilization machines for sterilizing. The temperature logger will record down the temperature data of the whole sterilization process. After the sterilization is finished, put the logger onto the “surface contact” data transmitter, and transfer the data to the user computer for calculating the F0 value through professional software CND-LogSee, with the software, users can review, analyze, store or print the temperature data and curve.

1) The logger adopted the advanced “surface contact” communication mode, there is no communication plug on the logger. One-piece stainless steel sealing design makes it excellent tightness.
2) One logger is one independent temperature monitor, and it is able to monitor the heart distribution of the sterilization equipment with only several loggers.
3) Able to record the central and outer temperature curve of the sample.
4) Applicable for different kinds of packaging types, many kinds of fixing base are available.
5) Powerful software CND-LogSee, to calculate the F0 value and review, analyze, store or print the temperature data and curve.
6) Display the results directly on the data processor without connecting to the computers
7) Export the data as Excel files.

CAN-F-125 Sterilization Temperature Monitor (F0 Value Monitor), consisting of:
1. Temperature logger, CAN-F-125-**,1pc,
2. Interface, CAN-TR,1pc
3. Communication cable, CAN-USB, 1pc
4. Software CND-LogSee,1set
5. Seal components, CAN-BFL,1pc
6. Protecting base, CAN-BBAS, 1pc
7. Portable toolbox 1pc
(Optional for data processor CAN-200P)

Technical data (Changes reserved):
1)Channel : Single(can customize to double channel)
2)Measure range  : 0~125℃
3)Temperature resistance : 0~150℃
4)Resolution : ±0.1℃
5)Communication mode : Surface contact
6)Pressure resistance : 2 MPa
7)Sensor : Pt100
8)Data collecting interval : 1s – 8h, adjustable
9)Memory : 18000 readings (if collecting interval is 5s, able to record for 25 hours)