Conveyer type
APA-6800 for iron pieces
Placing sewing clothes on the conveyer table, and it will automatically stop moving when any strayed iron piece like broken needles is detected, so easy for everybody to get to know its existence.
Detection is possible in state of Not only a piece of objects But also stacks or packages of objects which improve efficiency.
A detective part is located in a tunnel-cave shape and so the detection sensibility does not differ in the thickness of objects which enables even small part of needles like the broken tip of the needle of a sewing machine to be detected.
Detection of metallic needles or broken pieces, nails, cutlery in garments, sewing clothes, baby’s wear, sports wear, food, medical material, half-finished, finished goods.
Specifications (conveyer)
Model detection for needles, broken needles, iron pieces, etc.
Detection ability Sensibility AA: needle tip of industrial sewing machine needle
(steel ball φ1.0)
Sensibility B: iron making pin (φ0.6xL33mm)
(steel ball φ2.5)
Detectable width 600 mm(belt wide 550mm)
Detecting height 100mm(when a guide loaded on: 90mm)
140mm(when a guide loaded on:130mm)
Alarm buzzer, lamp, belt stop(with backward run function)
Conveying speed 30 m/min.(50Hz), 36 m/min.(60Hz)
Power source AC100V, 50/60 Hz, 200W