PZ SERIES(3g/h-30g/h) Máy tạo khí Ozone Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang

Application Point of installation Purpose Ozone concentration
Distribution industry Industrial freezers, refrigerators, and showcases Cold reserve and extended storage period (bactericidal effect) of meat, fruits and vegetables 0.1-0.5
Meat processing Packaging areas, lockers, and kitchens Keeping working environment, kitchen utensils and garments clean (Contamination control and deodorization) 0.04-0.4
Hospitals Consulting rooms, waiting rooms, and operating rooms Prevention of secondary infection in hospitals (Disinfection and deodorization) 0.1-0.5
Livestock industry Pig farms and poultry farms Prevention of contagious diseases and removal of offensive smells (Disinfection and deodorization) 0.1-0.4
Households Living/private rooms, kitchens, lockers, bathrooms, pet odors, and household sewage purifiers Insect control and prevention of infectious diseases of pets (Disinfection and deodorization) 0.02-0.5
Buildings Homes for the aged and public toilets Deodorization 0.02-0.5