RK1812/RK1814 Thiết bị đo lưu lượng Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang

Fluids H2O and gases (H2 cannot be used for RK1975, RK1976)
Accuracy FS±5%
Proof pressure 0.5 MPa standard
Materials SUS 316, Pyrex®, FKM, POM, glass, fluorocarbon resin
Available scale 10: 1
Connection Rc 1/4
Ambient temperature 10-35℃ (No condensation)
Length designation code H2O Air (2) Contact method
15 0.1-1L/MIN 3-30L/MIN (A) Turns on when the flow rises over the set point.
(B) Turn on when the flow goes down over the set
0.3-3L/MIN 10-100L/MIN
0.5-5L/MIN 15-150L/MIN
20 0.3-3L/MIN 10-100L/MIN
0.5-5L/MIN 15-150L/MIN
Alarm setting range 20-90% F.S. common for all fluids
Contact rating 100VAC/100VDC 10VAAC/10WDC
* Calibration conditions for the flow ranges above are at 20℃ (atmospheric pressure) for air, and at 20℃ (0.3 MPa) for H2O