VDI100 - General purpose full vector inverter, from 0.75kW up to 45 kW HD​

* Mains supply:

- 3 x 380…480Vac, 50/60Hz

* Motor ratings from 0.75kW (1Hp) to 45kW (60Hp) HD

* Certifications: CE, cULus


  • Motor type: Asynchronous and Synchronous Motor (Surface Permanent Magnet Motor, Interior Permanent Magnet Motor)
  • Regulation control modes: V/f, V/f+Encoder, SLV (vector control open loop), SV (vector control closed loop), PMSLV (vector control open loop for Permanent Magnet Motor, PMSV (vector control closed loop for Permanent Magnet Motor)
  • Max Output frequency 599Hz
  • EMC Filter integrated up to 45kW
  • Dynamic Braking Module integrated up to 30kW
  • Heavy duty and Light duty overload management
  • Multilanguage programming software
  • Basic PLC Integrated
  • Integrated and removable programming keypad
  • 2 Analog inputs: AI1: -10~10V / 0~10V, AI2: 0~10V / 4~20mA
  • 2 Analog outputs: AO1:0~10V, AO2:0~10v/4~20mA
  • 8 Digital Inputs (PNP / NPN)
  • Digital Outputs: 2 (size 1) / 1 (all other sizes)
  • Relay Outputs: 1 (size 1) / 2 (all other sizes)
  • Others: PTC input (AI2), Pulse input (32kHz), Pulse output (32kHz)
  • RS485 Serial Line (Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol)
  • Interfacing with the most common fieldbus through communication modules for ProfiBus, CANopen, DeviceNet, TCP-IP
  • IP20 / NEMA 1, with standard removable anti dust cover.