FM01 Thiết bị đo lưu lượng và điều khiển Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang

Model FM0101 FM0102 FM0103 FM0105
Dimension (a) 17.8 17.5 17.5 32.5
Dimension (L) 80.6 80 80 110
Connection (X) R3/8 R1/2 R1/2 25A
Flow range 0.5-4 L/min 2-16 L/min 4-40 L/min 10-150 L/min
Fluids for measurement Cooling water, cleaning water, etc.
Measuring accuracy Within ±3.0% F.S
Repeatability Within ±0.5% F.S
Outputs S Type: 4-20mA
P Type: Pulse (Open collector) (For w/o indicator only)
D Type: With indicator
Supply voltage 12-24VDC
Liquid temperature range 0-70℃
Proof pressure 1MPa
Amb. temperature range 0-50℃
Amb. humidity range 5-90%RH
Applicable cleanliness/
waterproofing standards
IP64 (Splashproof construction per JIS C 0920)
Material for wetted part PPS with 30% glass mixture PPS w/o glass mixture
Cable length W/o indicator: 2 meters long; terminated/pretinned (presoldered)
With indicator: 3 meters long; terminated/pretinned (presoldered)
Weight W/o indicator: 85 g (Sensor unit) 165 g (Sensor unit)
With indicator: 100 g (Sensor unit) 205 g (Sensor unit)