6801 Van điều áp Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang

Applicable liquids Water, purified water (no bubbles)
*Please contact us for other liquids.
Fluid sonic velocity 1300 m/s to 1600 m/s
Fluid temperature range 15 to 50℃
Measurement range 0 to 5 L/min
Accuracy Refer to Table 1.
Material in contact with liquid New PFA
Proof pressure 0.5 MPa (at 23℃)
Process connection 6 mm tube end
Dedicated cable length 3 m
Cable sheath PVC
Structure IP64 or equivalent
Ambient temperature 5 to 50℃ (no condensation allowed)
Ambient humidity 10 to max. 85% RH (no condensation allowed)
Mounting position Vertical, horizontal, diagonal
Weight 200 g (main unit)