PZH SERIES(5g/h-72g/h) Máy tạo khí Ozone Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang


♦ The oxygen gas generator and compressor are built in all models.
♦ Easy water dissolution by ejector because of high-pressure ozone gas (0.2MPa)
♦ Cooling water is not necessary because of air-cooled ozonizer.
♦ High concentration of ozone
♦ Fine control of ozone concentration by frequency control. Automatic control is allowed by adding concentration control function (option).
♦ Easy handling with touch panel specification and sure recording of trouble history




♦ Water processing
* Service water purification 
* Recycling of processed sewer 
* Purification of processed human waste,decolorization of industry draining 
* Purification of pool water
♦ Gas processing
* Discharged gas denitration
* Bad odor masking
♦ Surface processing
* Bottle cleaning
* Inside processing of piping,slime prevention



Standard Specifications