Leuze Vietnam

Alternatives to LSER 46B/66-S12 - obsolete: Either PNP or NPN output Must be used in conjunction with new 46C sender (ie LS46C-M12)

Replacement by: LE46C/4P-M12 (receiver)

Part no: 50127033

Leuze Vietnam

Replacement by: LS46C-M12 (sender)

Part no: 50127042

(LSER 46B/66-S12  was obsolete)

Leuze Vietnam


(MSI-RM2  p/n: 549918 –obsolete)

Replacement by: MSI-RM2B-01

Part no: 547954

Leuze Vietnam

PRK 18/24  DL.46

Part no: 50032798

Leuze Vietnam

Replacement by: PRK46C.D/4P-M12

Part no: 50127024

(PRK 46B/44.2-S12 - obsolete  Part no: 50105106)

Leuze Vietnam

(HRTR 3B/66-V – obsolete)

Replacement by: HT3C.V/4P

Part no: 50129387