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PN: 3710290080
 Directional Valve
Balluff Vietnam BIS00W2
 BIS M-410-068-001-00-S115
 HF read/write heads (13.56 MHz) with integrated processor unit
Balluff Vietnam 190535
 BTL7-P511-M0200-B-KA15 Sensor
 BTL1K0H (BTL5-P1-M0200-B-KA15) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam 190470
 BTL7-E570-M0200-HB-KA15 Sensor
 BTL20AW (BTL5-E17-M0200-HB-F15-C) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam BHS0028
 BES 516-300-S205-D-PU-03
 Inductive Sensors
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330103-00-06-10-02-00
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330103-00-05-50-02-CN
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330101-00-28-10-02-CN
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330101-00-20-10-02-CN
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330105-02-12-05-02-CN
 Reverse Mount Probes
Burkert Vietnam Code: 213385
 Description: 2/2-way valve; direct acting
 Typ 0330
Burkert Vietnam Code: 216482
 Description: 3/2-way valve; direct acting
 Typ 0330
Checkline Vietnam Model: ITIO-10
 10 oz-in / 7 N-cm Torque Transducer with Bench Stand, 1/4" Dr.
 Accuracy: +/-0.5% of indicated, Includes Run-Down Fixture
 Notes: ITIO-10 accuracy is +/-1% from 10-100% of capacity
 Power tools require the use of a run-down-fixture
 Not for use with impact tools or torque multipliers
Dae Sung Vietnam Model: DBSS-40EX-PS
 Speed Sensor
Model: B43586-S9578-Q1
GEOKON Vietnam Code: 02-250V6-M
 Description: spare cable cut to length in METERS
 1 @ 240m
 Blue PVC Cable, 0.250", 2 twisted pairs
Hangil Control Vietnam Correct Part No.: HCR-1473
 Receiver (HRC 1473 is incorrect)
Hangil Control Vietnam Part No.: HCT-228
IRD Mechanalysis Vietnam Model: M88200
 IRD8800 (8800), M88200 (88200) - Casing Vibration
 Module, 2Ch Vibration Input and 1Ch Keyphasor
 Input, API Standard 670 Compliant
 SKU : M88200
IRD Mechanalysis Vietnam Model M88004
 IRD8800 Rack, 4 Position, 5U
 SKU : M88004
 4 Position Rack that can hold up to 4 Nos. of M88200 cards, thereby catering to 8 vibration signals
IRD Mechanalysis Vietnam Model M88007
 IRD8800 (8800) 19" Rack, 7 Position, 5U
 SKU : M88007
 7 Position Rack that can hold up to 7 Nos. of M88200 cards, thereby catering to 14 vibration signals
KINETROL Vietnam 144-100
KINETROL Vietnam 074-100
KINETROL Vietnam 124-100
KINETROL Vietnam 054-100
Kogane Vietnam Model: PBDAS16X100-A-ZC230B2
 Pen cylinder
Kogane Vietnam Model: CJ-5X0.8
 Cylinder Joint
Kogane Vietnam Model: FRZB40-02-N-PG-GS6-B-5W
 Filter Regulator
Kogane Vietnam Model: KM-31
Kogane Vietnam Model: KM-11
Kogane Vietnam Model: SUS303-TT10-01
 One-touch coupler
Kogane Vietnam Model: UEF4BU-M3
 Auxiliary equipment
Kogane Vietnam Model: BF4BU-M3
 Auxiliary equipment
Kogane Vietnam Model: EXF-M3
 Auxiliary equipment
Leuze Vietnam Code: HRT 96K/R-1690-1200-25
 Diffuse infrared P.E. sensor with mech. background suppression 0-1800mm range screw terminal connections AC/DC supply changeover relay contact output plastic housing IP67 A2LS ambient light suppression integrated switching delay function
Micropack Vietnam P/n: 2200.0023.4
 FDS301 Visual Flame Detector with video
 1 x 3/4" NPT Entry Aluminium
 To be fitted with certified 3/4npt to 1/2npt adapter
 Note: Excluded adapter
M-system Vietnam Model: 47LR-1A1R-M2
 RTD Input Digital Panel Meter
MTM-Power Vietnam Code: PMA15 D15
 Power Supply
Ogura Vietnam Code: UN 160
 Coupling for MDC MWC Type Clutch
Ogura Vietnam Code: MDC 160
 Dry Type Multi-Disc EM Clutch
Pavone Vietnam Code: BFF-500
SICK Vietnam Code: 1052192 Encoder
 Description: SFM60-HRKB0K02
 Motor feedback systems rotary
SICK Vietnam Code: 2059368
 Description: BEF-DS07XFX
 Mounting systems
SICK Vietnam Code:  1034301
 Description: BTF13-A1AM1020
 Wire draw encoders
Model : AC20-N02CG-Z-A
 Bộ lọc khí
Model : AC40-N04CG-Z-A
 Bộ lọc khí
Model : AW20-N02CG-A
 Bộ lọc khí
Model : TUZ0805B-100
 Ống khí mềm
 Note : 1 pack=100 mét
Model : TUH1208B-100
 Ống khí mềm
 Note : 1 pack=100 mét