The OT2-60D range is automatic equipment especially designed to test the disruptive voltage of isolating oils in new or used transformers, cables with oil, automatic switches, capacitors, etc. The disruptive voltage is not a basic property of the oil, but it indicates us the degree of contamination of this oil (water, solid materials in suspension), allowing us to decide on the possibility of carrying out a treatment of drying and filtration, or replacing the oil. The method that the OT2-60D uses can be applied to oils of nominal viscosity of up to 350 mm2/s at 40ºC, according to IEC-156 standard. The OT2-60D is supplied with a complete series of protectors making it highly protected and reliable. It is easy to handle, all buttons or illuminated switches are on the front control panel. The test cell is especially designed to easily change the electrodes in accordance with the different standards in operation, the easy insertion into the registering transformer terminals and for its complete cleaning