8500  Thiết bị kiểm soát lưu lượng  Kofloc Vietnam ANSdanang

Flow range (F.S.) (at N2 calibration conditions) 50 SCCM–5 SLM Over 5 SLM–20 SLM
Applicable gases (dry gas) N2, air, O2, CO2, Ar, H2, He, etc.
Sensor Thermal mass flow sensor
Valve actuator Normally-closed solenoid valve actuator *7
Valve type Poppet valve *7
Control/measurement range 2–100% F.S.
Response 0–100% F.S. or more within 2 sec. *1
0–below 10% F.S. within 4 sec. *1
Accuracy Flow accuracy ±1.0%F.S. *2 ±1.5%F.S. *2
Repeatability ±0.75%F.S.
Pressure Proof pressure 1000 kPa (G)
Allowable operating pressure 500 kPa (G) or less
Operating differential pressure *7 50–300 kPa (G) 100–300 kPa (G)
Temperature Allowable operating temperature 5–45℃
Temperature characteristics 0.2% F.S./℃
Humidity Allowable operating humidity 10–90% (No condensation allowed)
Leak He leak rate 1 × 10-8 Pa·m3/sec. or less *3
Flow setting
Digital (1) Setting & display unit
(2) Communications
(3) Event input selection
Analog *7 (1) 0–5 V (2) 4–20 mA (freely selectable)
Flow rate output Analog (1) 0–5 V (2) 4–20 mA (interlocked with the above)
Display Display format 7-segment 4-digit LED
Total flow 12 digits *4
Mounting direction Changeable
Built-in/Separate Built-in, separate 1 m, separate 3 m, separate 5 m
Status display LED OK (within allowable range), ALM (alarm output interlock)
OUT1 (event output 1 interlock), OUT2 (event output 2 interlock)
SV (set flow), PV (instantaneous flow), TF (total flow)
IF (mode setting)
Other I/O
Event input 3 × contact input
Alarm output 1 × open collector output, Max. 35 V, 50 mA
Event output 2 × open collector output Max. 35 V, 50 mA
Communications RS-485, half-duplex, 9600 bps
Power supply Rating 24 VDC, current consumption: 300 mA max.
Allowable supply voltage range 21.6–26.4 VDC (Ripple: 5% or less)
Mounting position Not specified
Applicable standards RoHS and EN62326-1: 2006
Materials of parts in contact with
SUS316, SUS316L, SUS430, FKM, PTFE, chloroprene
rubber (option)
Joint 1/4 SWL, RC1/4, 1/4 VCR
Weight Built-in: Approx. 1000 g
Separate (excluding the cable): Approx. 1200 g (*6)
(*1) Time required to reach the control flow ±2% F.S. from the fully closed state  
(*2) With the standard pressure of 200 kPa (G) and the standard temperature of 20℃  
(*3) Permeation is not included. The leakage by prolonged permeation shall not exceed 1 × 10-6 Pa・m3/sec.  
(*4) The units of measurement vary with the full scale flow. E.g.: With 1 SLM, the flows can be added up to 9999 9999 9.999 L.
(*5) For other joints, please contact us. (*6) The weight may slightly vary depending on the joint. (*7) These apply to the D8500MC mass flow controller.